The War on Christmas and the Indifference of Most [3 Little-Known Things You Should Know and 3 Powerful Things to Do]

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For years we have seen the war on Christmas escalate… For years we have seen Christmas become more and more secularized… For years we’ve seen the real story of Christmas fade into the background … almost to the point of disappearing altogether. And saying “Merry Christmas” has become politically incorrect and socially inappropriate. Many in the business world and government have ordered employers and advertising to ban any … Read More

California Recall: The Epic Battle Has Begun [3 Must See TV Commercials]

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The California recall has drawn attention nationwide. Millions of dollars are flowing into Gavin Newsom’s coffers to help him defeat the recall effort. Over 2 million signed the recall petition – more voters than many states have. It’s the 54th attempt in California history to remove a governor from office. 19 states allow recalls – all should! But his opponents have … Read More