Box Office Shocker: Unplanned Triples Industry-Projected Revenue Despite Media Blackout and “R” Rating [Videos]

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It was unfairly given an “R” rating due to: A bloody scene of an at-home abortion induced by oral medication handed out by a Planned Parenthood clinic. An ultrasound video of a baby in the womb squirming away from an abortionist’s catheter during an abortion procedure. It was subjected to a widespread paid advertising blackout on mainstream – and even … Read More

Unplanned: A Must-See Christian Movie [Videos]

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It’s about unplanned pregnancies… It’s about the unplanned creation of human life… It’s about unplanned human births… And it’s about the unplanned spiritual birth of a former abortion provider. The new film Unplanned tells the dramatic true story of the epic journey of Abby Johnson, who was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas for 8 years. She … Read More

Shocking: Congress Votes to Allow Killing of Living Babies After Birth [Video]

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Its one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress. Senate Democrats voted against common-sense legislation requiring that babies who survive attempted abortion must receive medical care to keep them alive. These are newborn babies who are outside the womb and viable. This is infanticide. The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act needed 60 votes out of 100. The … Read More

Disturbing and Aggressive Push to Justify and Legalize Infanticide: 7 Facts Every Christian Must Know [Videos]

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Born alive … then killed. Able to live outside the womb … but killed instead. Partial birth abortion is barbaric. It’s basically the same as infanticide. Sadly, the battle is splitting the country apart as the Democrat Socialists are aggressively justifying making infanticide legal in all 50 states. The politicians and media are ignoring and destroying the truth.

Hillsong Pastor: Abortion Law “Evil, Shameful and Demonic”

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“Evil … Shameful … Demonic…” That’s what Hillsong pastor Stephen Carl Lentz said about the new, radical New York abortion law. He stood strong in condemning the legalization of killing healthy babies up to the moment of birth. Unlike other Christians, pastors and church leaders – who are turning their backs and being silent – Pastor Lentz spoke truth, even … Read More

Disturbing: Murder of Full-Term Unborn Children Legalized [Video]

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The move toward socialism is accelerating – including allowing partial birth abortion up to the moment of birth.   New York just passed the most radical abortion law in American history.   There are no restrictions on abortion up to the day of birth – if the mother claims that allowing her baby to be born alive would “threaten” her … Read More