Governor Statement

The race for governor has many good – and bad – candidates running; 27 in

all. After evaluating each candidate, we have found that two are viable. We feel that these two candidates uphold the principles of individual freedom and economic liberty that provide the best solutions for education, jobs and safety.

These two candidates are also the best choices for family-friendly voters who value religious liberty and economic freedom. They are Travis Allen and businessman John Cox.

In evaluating both Allen and Cox, we have sadly found that many negative and false rumors about both candidates have been spread by supporters of the other candidate.

But after cutting through the distortions, half-truths and lies, we feel that both candidates would be great governors, and both have the ability to beat opponents who are radical progressives.

After personally interviewing each candidate, getting to know them and reviewing their track records and their positions on the issues, we have found that both are good.

I have known Travis before he became an Assemblyman. And have known John for almost a year. I could easily support either.

But John Cox has two significant advantages:

1) In closely watching the polls, you’ll see that John Cox comes in second, and Travis Allen comes in fourth.

2) John Cox has raised $5.2 million, where Travis Allen has raised only $1.1 million, and has very little left.







John Cox

$5.2 million


Travis Allen

$1.1 million


Gavin Newsom

$26.5 million


Antonio Villaraigosa

$22.5 million


John Chiang

$12.8 million


Delaine Eastin

$0.9 million



President Trump has endorsed John Cox and so has the Pro-Life Council and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Because of this, we believe that everyone should get behind John Cox.

Since Cox has been in #2, he is a target of the progressive Democrats – especially Antonio Villaraigosa. He is attacking Cox, because he wants to come in behind Newsom. That’s why deceitful and false attacks have been sent out.

Over a million dollars have been spent by supporters of Antonio Villaraigosa to spread lies:

  • Cox is associated with George Soros – False. A total distortion and manipulation of truths.
  • On a mailer to Republicans, the headline says, “Meet career candidate, John Cox: Chicago lawyer, former Democrat, perennial candidate”

It failed to mention Cox first registered as a Democrat at the age of 21. He switched to republican at 26 in the 1980’s and has been one since working with Jack Kemp/Reagan … even running against Barack Obama for Senator.

The rest of the copy is all fake news to depress John into #3 so Antonio would be #2.

I’d have no trouble endorsing Travis Allen. Just as with John, there are a few things that I am disappointed with or dislike about his platform. Just as with John, I believe that for the most part, we can get behind who he is and what he stands for. In fact, Travis creates a lot of enthusiasm and is much better than John before a crowd.

But the reality is, a vote for Travis Allen would rob John Cox of the votes he needs to remain in the running. In the top two-only election, Republicans need to unite behind one candidate. In other words, a vote for Travis would be like a vote for a progressive/liberal candidate.

If Travis had more financial backing and was coming in #2 in the polls, I would endorse him as candidate for governor. Unfortunately, without enough money, Travis cannot perform the data collection or create the digital campaign that he needs to remain in the running.

Based upon the polls and the money, John Cox is the best candidate. Otherwise, two Democrats will run for governor, and conservative voters will have no other option than to vote for a progressive who will not uphold their values and principles.

This is not a case of a conservative vs. a liberal; both are viable candidates.

After discussions about this with Travis, I saw him in San Diego. He gave me a big hug. I told him we must unite behind one candidate.

Some may not like Travis Allen or John Cox and prefer to have a candidate that completely aligns with their values. One candidate who has a biblical worldview is Robert Newman. Unfortunately, like other candidates for governor with similar views, he doesn’t have the money or organizational resources to be able to win.

We believe we must strategically limit the evil that would come from a progressive governor.

The best thing to help make sure John Cox is in the top two is for Travis to drop out and endorse John.

Based upon these circumstances, we recommend John Cox for governor and give him a 4-star rating.  

Here are the Governor ratings:







Conservative/Biblical Worldview (%)



Liberal/Secular Worldview (%)

More Government Programs (%)

Less Government Programs (%)

John Cox





Travis Allen





Gavin Newsom





Antonio Villaraigosa





John Chiang





Delaine Eastin