Obamacare Repeal Shocker: Franklin Graham & 4 Shocking Truths to cut through the media and Facebook lies & distortion [video]

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Here are 4 shocking truths about the stunning failure to Repeal and Replace Obamacare and next steps that should be taken to improve everyone’s healthcare.

Obamacare is hurting our healthcare in America and must be repealed. Sky rocketing premiums, unreasonable deductibles, shrinking choices, people losing their coverage, lost jobs and stagnant and deteriorating care run by bureaucrats is facing escalating crisis.

We must replace and repeal Obamacare now. But here is what the liberal media

on Facebook is not telling you.

  • Not one Democrat voted for repeal and replace.

Despite Obamacare being broken, the democrats are playing politics

This isn’t a republican or Democrat issue, it’s a health crisis that needs to change now.

  • Moderate Republicans are blocking real reform

A year ago, most of the moderate Republicans joined every conservative and libertarian Republican in Congress to vote for an Obamacare repeal and replace bill that was vetoed by President Obama.

But now, the moderate Republican pressured by Townhall opponents, petition and massive phone calls to their offices are pushing for Medicaid expansion and the costly Obamacare insurance regulations that are responsible for driving up premiums with outrageous deductions.

It’s called the “Tuesday Group” and they refuse to even meet or work with conservatives

  • The solution is to fix the flawed bill that couldn’t get support with the same type of repeal and replace voted on two years ago.

The bill must cut unnecessary regulations

  • Create free market competition to lower insurance costs
  • Selling health insurance across state lines. It’s a free-market reform that will make a difference
  • The rollback of more of the costly Obamacare regulations that are responsible for driving up the price of health insurance. Cutting those regulations will help reduce federal spending.
  • Handling pre-existing conditions with state high-risk pools.

The Ryan bill that was not voted on would not have increased competition and it would have kept the cost of health insurance premiums rising.

Only by adding these measures can the bill begin to roll back the costly premiums and co-pays that have been the hallmark of Obamacare. More Americans will have insurance because more will be able to afford insurance.

Here is a great video with Congressman Brat on next steps, click here. About 8 minutes. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5376945956001/?#sp=show-clips

And here is Congressman Massie on why Obamacare lite is wrong. About 3 minutes. Click here. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5376290125001/?#sp=show-clips

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6 Comments on “Obamacare Repeal Shocker: Franklin Graham & 4 Shocking Truths to cut through the media and Facebook lies & distortion [video]”

  1. The GOP, of which I am a member, has increasingly become infected like a cancer with a combination of ‘conservative’ and ‘christian’ talking outright conservative-impostors commonly referred to as ‘establishment’ who maintain synergy with their democrat accomplices, and well intended constitutional deconstructionist useful-pawns.

    If there is anything the past century of GOP politics evidences beyond any doubt, it is that electing ‘the lesser of two evils’ in the form of electing an ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionist to ensure a democrat is not elected AS PART OF A DECADES LONG PATTERN INSTEAD OF A RARITY, always ‘brings more evil in the end.’

    Ever notice when Democrats atain congressional majorities and the presidency simultaneously America’s slide toward national-suicide quickens exponentially. And when GOP ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists maintain congressional majorities and the presidency minuscule restoration occurs, as compared to the destruction of previous Democrats? That’s because the literal ‘establishment Democrat versus establishment’ Republican dialectic’ functions ad ‘two seemingly apposing sides on the same America destroying coin.’ ‘Establishment’ democrats and ‘establishment’ republicans are the same group having funded both the enemies of Israel and Israel simultaneously exacerbating conflict for decades – while claiming devotion to Israel.

    The ‘establishment’ GOP infection is evidenced in our ‘conservative-schizophrenic’ House Speaket Ryan who deceived Trump into allowing bogus Obamacare ‘repeal’ legislation knowing it would not pass due to the constitutionalist GOP ‘Freedom Caucus,’ then ‘establishment’ operatives infesting the GOP demonized the constitutionalist GOP Freedom Caucus. This, though ‘establishment’ operatives new true repeal as Rand Paul put forth would have passed, if not for ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors infecting the GOP deceptively labeled as ‘moderates.’

    Two things are required to save America from destruction:
    1) The pulpits of America return to doing what enough pre-1900s pulpits did to catalyze the fight against God offending British tyrants and slavery. And that is, admonishing their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government by aiding the needy to the exclusion of government doing so and lawfully opposing evildoers with representation of Christ. Something necessarily requiring constitutionalist Christians are elected by the 98 million citizens claiming Christ in America.
    2) The GOP must be lawfully cleansed of the outright conservative-impostors and well intended constitutional-deconstructionists infecting it like a cancer – or it will continue to function as ‘the lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties.’

  2. Right, who are those of the Tuesday Group, why wouldn’t you name names, or are you protecting them?

  3. I totally agree with you. The lesser of two evils is still evil and in the end you have more and even worse evil than before. That is like trying to cook bad meat in a burned, blacened pot. What do you get but a worsened burned pot and the already bad meat is even worse than when started. What to do? Throw the pot and its contents away and start with a new pot and fresh meat.

  4. Theres a reason we have regulations.

    Unfortunately, knobs have to learn those reasons over and over.

    I laugh when they bring out the “sell across state lines”. Thats as funny as uttering the magic words “radical Islamic terrorism”

    Good Christian values on full display. Getting rid of insurance for those not as fortunate.

    Who IS your brothers keeper?


    1. Dear ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ impostor:

      To answer your question of, “Who IS your brothers keeper?” regarding healthcare. Not government!

      ‘Obama-Care’ is a functional fascist-hybrid ‘health-control’ system utilizing government control through regulations, over corporations tasked with insuring and administrating healthcare. Something not optional for Christianity which makes clear that socialism, fascism, and other totalitarian type governments existing under the pretense of fairness, equality, and security, are godless and anti-biblical to their core.

      On top of using fascist-type government control over corporations through regulations, ‘Obama-Care’ forces citizens to choose one of a few government regulated corporations. ‘Obama-Care’ was designed to fail, so those establishment operatives utilizing socialism and fascism and increasingly infecting our government like a cancer, would have a pretense with which to have government eventually take full control over healthcare after its engineered failure. A transitional scheme requiring unconstitutional governance, manipulation, deception by establishment democrats, establishment conservative-impostors engaging in fake opposition to democrats and now pushing fake Obama-Care repeal, and the establishment media (including Fox) which is used as a merchandising mechanism.

      Add to the above, that when Christians allow government to manage healthcare they eliminate one of the most effective mediums in which to represent and reflect Christ to those not knowing Christ by caring for them. Empowering government with control over healthcare provides the perception to those not knowing Christ of ‘government being the savior of the people’ instead of Christ. This, though Christians are obligated to represent Christ in government and society by aiding the needy, opposing evildoers, and ensuring government operates within the limitations of the original intent of America’s amended constitution (America’s version of the Cesar living at the time of Christ when Christ stated “… give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…”).

      Christian administered healthcare would it be possible if the 98 million people claiming Christ in America were attending churches where they were reminded that “faith without works is dead” as warned about 7 times in James Chapter-2. Required works including representing Christ by aiding the needy to the exclusion of government doing so.

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