Christians Fleeing Obamacare

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Christians Fleeing Obamacare

If you listen to Christian radio or visit Christian websites, you will see ads popping up, offering an alternative to Obamacare.

For example, Samaritan Ministries provides health coverage for 37,000 families, and their numbers are growing.

Subscribers not only sign up for coverage, but their plans completely bypass all the Obamacare regulatory mandates, including subsidies for abortion.

Another Christian health coverage firm does not provide insurance, but streamlines the direct sharing of medical costs among people who share the same Christian values. Because this group sought a religious exemption for their program, they sidestepped many of Obamacare’s rules.

In order to apply for this coverage, clients must sign an “Honor Code” pledge, which includes a commitment to wise personal habits: no drugs, no smoking, drink moderately, and attend Church on Sunday.

Since the program pays health care costs directly, clients often pay lower prices, without co-pays or deductibles.

A similar program, Medi-Share, also provides for patients with pre-existing conditions!

These innovations recognize an expansion of individual liberty and choice in the health insurance industry, but are not the final solution to the disastrous government overreach in Obamacare.

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4 Comments on “Christians Fleeing Obamacare”

  1. The second choice, which is unnamed may be All three sound like wonderful ideas, but after checking out their websites, I find that I would not be able to afford any one of them. If I could afford the monthly premiums, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  2. – Christian Healthcare Ministries is another health sharing program with super low rates per month. My husband’s on the Bronze level @ $45/month while I’m on the highest level, Gold, @ $150/month. Our son qualifies for state health care. We thankfully have not had to use it yet, but my parents have CHM too and have used it a lot. Overall it’s been great for them! Just be sure to make sure your appointments and procedures are covered BEFORE you have them, and get it in writing.

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