“See You at the Pole” Day 2019: Only One Student Shows Up at a Florida High School [Video]

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It was courageous… It showed commitment and determination… Hayden Philpot stood alone at the flagpole. That’s right. He stood in front of Lake Minneola High School near Orlando, Florida … praying … alone … the only one from the 1,800-member student body. No one else came … no one else joined him to pray for his school. So Hayden remained … Read More

Transformed by the Power of Christ: College Football Star Becomes Meth Addict, then Finds God in Prison [Videos]

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Damon West had it all… He grew up in a loving Christian home in Texas… He was the star quarterback for the University of North Texas… But then his football career ended suddenly due to a shoulder injury … and his life gradually spiraled out of control. Damon first developed a dependency on prescription drugs. Eventually he began dabbling in … Read More

Heads Spin: U.S. for the First Time Declares Worldwide War Against Religious Persecution: 7 Things the Media Ignored that You Must Know

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President Trump shocked the world. For the first time in American history, the President and Vice President Pence made a U.S. stand for religious freedom … and against religious persecution. Here are 7 things the press won’t tell you about this historic event: 1. For the first time, America took a bold stand for religious freedom worldwide before world leaders … Read More

Victory for Religious Liberty: 5 Things Every Christian Should Know About the Shocking Victory

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It was a victory for the First Amendment… It was a victory for freedom of speech and for religious liberty… It was a slap in the face to the city of Phoenix – and to socialists – which had attempted to deny these basic rights to two Christian artists… The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled in a close 4-3 decision … Read More

The Power of Christ to Transform Lives: The Daryl Strawberry Story [Video]

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He was a Hall-of-Fame Major League Baseball player… He was voted onto the All-Star team 8 times… He was a 4-time World Series champion… And he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. His drug addiction consumed his life and impacted the latter half of his baseball career … as well as causing 2 failed marriages, a string of arrests, imprisonment … Read More

Your Voice Has an Impact Even Before the 2020 Presidential Election: Have You Expressed Your Opinion Yet?

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If the 2020 presidential election were held today, who would you vote for? If you haven’t already voted in our 2020 presidential election poll, click here to let me know. And write a brief reason why you like your chosen candidate. We’ll be sending the poll results to the media and sharing them in our national radio and TV interviews, … Read More

They Said What? Shocking, Mind-Boggling Statements from Presidential Candidates You Won’t Believe [Audio]

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Elizabeth Warren wants to take away your car… Beto O’Rourke wants all your guns… Joe Biden wants your children… Bernie Sanders wants whatever is left of your freedom… Julian Castro and all the rest of them want your healthcare… And Pete Buttigieg says you’re racist if you support President Trump … or if you oppose government intruding into your life … Read More