A Rare, Special Favor

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I seldom ask for a favor, but this time is different. I have two books that need to be purchased on Amazon, and they need to be reviewed. You see, without reviews, books don’t get purchased. With reviews, they do. And without seeing a rating, people will reject a book. But if customers see a good rating on a book, … Read More

El Informe Especial: 10 Hechos Impactantes para Todos Cristianos Saber acerca del Informe Mueller

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Es impactante … Los medios de comunicación parciales y los políticos demócratas están al margen del hecho de que los fiscales e investigadores federales de Robert Mueller no encontraron pruebas de connivencia entre los miembros de la campaña de Trump y el gobierno ruso. Durante más de 2 años, estos fanáticos anti-Trump le han estado diciendo a los estadounidenses que … Read More

Socialism, High Taxes and the Nanny State: Watch Maria Bartiromo’s Surprising Reaction During My Fox Interview [Video]

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Businesses are leaving socialist states such as California, New York and New Jersey in droves – driven out by high state taxes and insane business regulations. California is losing 5.5 businesses every week … and the socialist legislators in Sacramento don’t seem to care… They’ve created a super-majority in the state legislature and senate – won in part by using … Read More

Heads Spin as President Trump Shocks the World with Israel Proclamation: What Pastors are Saying

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President Trump shocked the world … again. This time because he signed a declaration supporting the official recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Heads are spinning… The UN said, “Don’t do it.” Socialist Democrats said, “Don’t do it.” Iran and the militant Palestinians said, “Don’t do it!” He did it. The last time I visited the Golan Heights, … Read More

Please Help Us Educate Voters to Vote Their Values in the 2020 Election [Video and Petition]

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You can help change the face of politics and culture in our nation … You can help shift the outcome of the 2020 election. As you know, last November we experienced the most critical midterm election in decades. We lost many great candidates…such as Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in the 48th District in California. Dana has stood up for the persecuted church … Read More

Racism in America: Is it Permanently Embedded in our Culture? [Video]

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If you disagree with certain people, you are labeled a racist. The term is being used daily to falsely label and attack people. The “racist card” is used increasingly to create victimhood for ethnic minorities … and to promote the identity politics that results from that characterization. Former president Barack Obama believes racism is so embedded in American culture that … Read More