All Hands On Deck: We Need Your Help to Keep America Moving in the Right Direction

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You may not care much for President Trump’s personality … or for his tweets … or for his verbal counterpunching when he’s attacked by the media and by the professional politicians. But you have to admit that the actions he’s taking to slow the spread of the coronavirus are potentially saving thousands of American lives. Even MSNBC talking head Joe … Read More

Where was God in the Tennessee Tornado: Shocking Responses of the Victims [Video]

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The media newsman was shocked – and he shocked the TV hosts and the audience. Here are 5 things you should know about the tragic Tennessee tornados: 1. Every single person mentioned God. CBS news correspondent David Begnaud spent several days looking at the destruction and death caused by the six tornados that created a horror story for thousands of … Read More

Pastor Andrew Brunson: 3 Surprising Things I Learned from Him Impacting the Church

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When I was at the National Religious Broadcasters conference recently, I was excited to hear Pastor Andrew Brunson speak. I met with him privately afterwards. For over 20 years Pastor Brunson was a Christian missionary in Turkey specializing in evangelism to the Muslim world. He was arrested, falsely accused of belonging to a rebel anti-government terrorist organization … and was … Read More

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is a Violation of Your Privacy: Tell Congress to Stop it Now! [Video + Petition]

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The Deep State is violating your privacy like never before. The NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies of the United States are delving into your privacy — with FISA warrants, allowing for abusive spying on Americans. It is not legal and is an abuse of power. Its excuse is that it’s stopping terrorism inside the U.S. It’s all done under … Read More

Justin Bieber: Understanding God’s Grace [Video]

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Justin Bieber is not ashamed of the gospel… He has been proclaiming openly how Jesus saved him from darkness and transformed his life. “I was just living in this shame, living in all this sort of stuff in my past and I wasn’t able to move on,” he said. “… [Now] the way I look at my relationship with God … Read More

The Number One Reason to Vote in November?

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Whatever are your top political concerns, one issue should override all others. What issue is that? The Supreme Court. Your vote for president in this year’s general election is equivalent to your votes for two to four new Supreme Court justices over the next 4 years … plus your votes for federal appeals court judges and federal district court judges. … Read More