Your Help – Urgently Needed: Turning America Around

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Want to stop the anti-Christian policies hurting your family, your children, and your country? Most Christians do not know how to vote their values…many voting against their values. That’s why we research and review Judges – the only ones to do so in America. And we evaluate the President, Senate, Congress and State races. But we urgently need your help … Read More

Should We leave “God” Out of Our Pledge of Allegiance: Democrat Convention Though It Was Okay [Video]

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The Pledge of Allegiance was edited at the Democrat Convention. Sometimes it was said omitting “Under God”. Once it was edited to read at the end “Someday in the future”. Back in 2010 President Obama several times omitted “Under God.” But at this convention the Socialist Democrat leadership omitted “Under God” with intent. Watch the video HERE. Let me know … Read More

Pastor Greg Laurie: A Rush of Hope Is Coming Straight To You [Video]

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It’s only days away… Since 1990 over 7.9 million people have attended the Harvest Crusades around the world. It’s been called one of the largest presentations of the gospel in U.S. History. 506,644 individuals have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I’ve been to the first Crusade-and almost everyone since. But because of the Pandemic, this one is not allowed … Read More

Pastor John McArthur Defies Government Orders: Judge Denies Government Request to Close Inside Church Services. McArthur Pleads Pastor to Help [2 Things You Should Know

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Pastor John McArthur is standing firm! · Not Bowing to Caesar · Not bowing to culture · Not bowing to irrational fears 7,000 people packed Pastor John McArthur’s church service on Sunday… The science and data say open up. And he has. Here are 2 things You Should Know: 1). Governor Newsom and the LA county and city want McArthur … Read More

Biden and the Democratic Party: Huge Effort to Convert Christian Voters [Video]

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Joe Biden and the Democratic Party convention had a complete organized effort to reach out to protestants, evangelicals, Catholics, the black church, Muslims and more. The goal: to convert a coalition of “faith” voters for Biden/Harris and other Democratic Candidates. Here are four things you should know…. 1. Joe Biden has hired a faith coordinator and they have millions of … Read More

Schools: School Choice Will Solve the Problem [Video]

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In many states, government run schools are opening. In other states, like California, they are not. Before this pandemic, the government run or “public” school systems failed many students. They had failed to teach. They had failed to train. They had failed the kids, parents, and taxpayers. Before the pandemic, those students who were in charter schools, who were in … Read More

How You Can Help Bring Church Ballot Harvesting to Transform Your Community

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Those who want to destroy Christianity, destroy our freedoms, and pose a Socialist economic system are doing ballot harvesting in the 2020 election. In some states, ballot harvesting is legal and others illegal. But in the states like California, Nevada, Colorado and others that are legal, it’s well-organized. That is why in the March election in California, we tested the … Read More