Transgender petition fails

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But it’s not over yet. 504,760 signatures were needed to overturn AB 1266, a bill that would allow K-12 students to choose which bathroom to use based on which gender they identify with more. Privacy for All Students (PFAS) gathered 619,341 signatures–a number well beyond what was needed, and one that would allow ample room for invalid signatures. But the … Read More

Flashback: “If I Were the Devil:” Paul Harvey–watch prophetic video

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You’ll be surprised at what’s true today Most readers have never heard of Paul Harvey. His news and commentary were popular during the 1950s through the 1980s. This is a 3-minute video illustration of his audio presentation. It’s quite prophetic. You can watch it here. Have comments? Email me at Prayer Point: Pray that our nation’s corrupt behavior would … Read More

First Political Boot Camp: Success!–see video

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Learn how you can change lives and transform our political landscape Training. Empowerment. Mobilization. Trained by the Progressive Left, thousands of young people have been enlisted to hijack our culture. Their goals? Destroy individual liberty, freedom and economic progress. They promote an ideology and a big government that stand against family values. They proudly claim to have “won” California and … Read More

Israel, Obama and the media: Falsehoods

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Two lies you shouldn’t believe President Obama has created a huge credibility problem among Israelis. They feel betrayed. They don’t trust him–or Secretary of State John Kerry. The bottom line is that Israel’s existence is in danger. The contrast between Israel and all of the other Middle East nations is night and day. But the liberal media and liberal politicians … Read More

Marriage penalty: Must-see video

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Obamacare out of control In the past, government would promote marriage and encourage it. It realized marriage was best for kids and for society to have strong healthy families. But now, under Obamacare, just the opposite has happened. The law includes a hidden marriage penalty where it is less costly to join Obamacare if living together and not married. Here … Read More