Stunning: Congressional hearing on Christian persecution–must-see videos

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Washington acts on behalf on Christians Silence. Little is said today of the genocide and persecution of thousands of Christians–in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The media is silent. The president is silent. The press is silent. Finally, this week we saw a first-of-its kind…a congressional hearing. See these three short, must-see videos to find out what’s happening to … Read More

Top 10 examples of government waste in 2013

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1. Government employee trip to luxury hotel in the Caribbean: Priceless. Federal employees used taxpayer’s money to go on a trip to the Buccaneer Hotel in St. Croix. The final cost is hard to come by because the bill was divided by many agencies. 2. Artwork for Veterans Affairs offices: $562,000 3. Seven-figure stack of rocks at London Embassy: $1 … Read More

Top 10 religious stories of 2013

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1. Global persecution of Christians 2. Boy Scouts admit homosexuals 3. New Pope 4. Evangelical Left gains media popularity, including Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber, the “prayer-and-profanity” Lutheran priest 5. Christians rallying around Chick-fil-A® 6. Supreme Court/States opening the door to homosexual marriage 7. American Christians being persecuted for beliefs-photographers, newscasters, bakers, florists and more. 8. Over 80% of Obamacare court cases … Read More

Top 10 articles of 2013

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Looking back on 2013, here were our top ten articles: 1. Pastor John MacArthur: “Strange Fire” Controversy 2. Beware: Muslim postage stamp hoax… 3. Shocking court order: Compromise your Christian beliefs…or else 4. Your organization’s tax exemptions may be at risk 5. Rick Warren returns to the pulpit after son’s death 6. The Super Bowl: The largest sex-trafficking incident in … Read More

Thank you!

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Thanks so much to those of you who called their assemblymember, wrote letters, emails and donated to help us defeat SB323, what has been referred to as “the anti-Boy Scouts bill.” This is the bill that would have taken away the tax exemption not only of the Boy Scouts but Christian organizations such as Young Life, as well as Christian … Read More

The November elections

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If you live in L.A. County and some other areas of California, you have local elections coming up. And our latest recommendations will be posted on on October 1. Vote your values! Not voting…or voting for those undermining your values…should not be an option. It’s simply too costly to let this chance go by without acting. Have any questions? … Read More