Blacks: Voting against their future?

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Here is a great video interview with a leading Black free market advocate Jason Riley. He just wrote a book titled, “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed.” Watch the interview here–it’s about an hour long. Do you agree with Jason Riley? Tell me what you think about this interview or his book; call … Read More

Would they put an “N” on your house?

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Iraqi Christians are being persecuted. Watch how Christians flee for their lives. Islamic terrorists are committing genocide against Iraqi Christians. These Christians have been left with no choice but to flee. Have you seen an “N” on social media avatars? In Arabic, it looks like the image below. Worldwide Christians are doing this to show support for those in Iraq … Read More

Iraq petition

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Help stop Christian genocide. Christians around the world are being persecuted and there has been a deep silence about it. Only because of Christians speaking up did the media begin to shine light on the slaughter…And slowly the politicians began to take action. What is happening is evil. Pure evil. But few will say it. The silence of pastors, the … Read More

Is your church on the list?

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In the following months, I will be speaking at many churches. The purpose is both simple and clear. I want to make sure that the fact that your life has gotten so busy isn’t what is holding you back from voting your values.      I want to make sure that you have an easy guide to follow that puts … Read More

Vin Scully: Man of faith returns

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Anyone who has listened to a dodger game knows Vin Scully’s voice. In 1950 he began announcing the Brooklyn Dodgers. And after 65 years, he returns for another season. Scully is a committed Catholic Christian who has suffered some tragic personal losses. He says, “The worst thing you can do in times of trial is top stop praying. The tough … Read More

Israel and Evangelicals

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Most Evangelical Christians stand by Israel—but not all. Last issue, I addressed Israel’s historic battle going on. Christians used to be united in their support for Israel, but not now. Liberal Evangelicals are increasingly taking Hamas’ side. Even more liberal Evangelicals support President Obama’s anti-Israel stand. And, many have taken up the “pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace” position. Sounds good? It’s still … Read More