The Race for President – Evangelical Poll and Candidate Update

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Here are the updates for this issue, from a Christian perspective: 1. The Democratic Debate: Hillary and Bernie 2. Christians and the 2016 Presidential Race 1. The Democratic Debate: Hillary and Bernie The Democratic candidates for President have had their first debate. Hillary Clinton was the only candidate who performed well. Martin O’Malley’s campaign appeared pointless, other than his admiration … Read More

Planned Parenthood: Moral Bankruptcy Continues [video]

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Throughout the release of undercover videos and the resulting scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood loudly denied any wrongdoing – and protested the morality of undercover journalism, not their own actions. Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, even insisted that the organization was proud of their practice of being reimbursed for “tissue donations.” Now, Planned Parenthood has decided to stop … Read More

Ahead: Judicial Activism or ….?

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There are a lot of big, important cases lined up for the Supreme Court to hear. Only 5 unelected judges need to agree to change or impose a national policy on these issues coming up. Here are some of them: The death penalty Obama’s executive order on immigration Little Sisters of the Poor and religious freedom of conscience 2nd Amendment … Read More

Veggie Tales: A Generation of Superficial Christians? [video]

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Remember Veggie Tales? These films were a smashing success among Christians – most know them and even remember the songs. Many kids, parents and grandparents have fond memories of Veggie Tales. They were like Sunday school on film. All my kids watched and loved them. We sang the songs together in the car… But the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil … Read More

Common Core and the Failure of Federal Spending on Education [shocking chart]

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The U.S. has an education crisis. Liberals think that we can solve this crisis with more spending on our public education system by the federal government. But this “remedy” is completely ineffective. Take a look at this chart comparing federal spending with student scores: And, with the implementation of Common Core, more and more money is going to be poured into public … Read More

Oregon Massacre: None Dare Call It Evil

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Another school shooting… another tragedy…. The persecution of Christians in America surfaces again. The Oregon shooter killed 13 people. According to eyewitnesses, before he shot some of them, he asked them if they were Christians – shooting them in the head if they said yes, and in the legs if they said no or didn’t answer. This kind of hostility … Read More

Over 40 Christian Leaders Laid Hands on Donald Trump [video]

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Last week, Pastor David Jeremiah, Messianic Pastor Rabbi Kirt Schneider, Los Angeles Bishop Clarence McClendon and Dallas Pastor Robert Jefferies, joined a meeting organized by Pastor Paula White with Donald Trump. What was amazing about this meeting is that it was not 1 hour, as most political meetings are, but it lasted 2 ½ hours, ending with some powerful prayers … Read More