Heaven is for real

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Surprise…more about those “Christian” movies. In the last issue of Reality Alert, we did a review on Noah’s Ark. There were many comments of interest about this. I also recommended readers to view the much better movie, Noah the Movie. And I mentioned, Shelly and I enjoyed God’s Not Dead.  I encourage you to bring others see it. Now in the theaters … Read More

Justina and Government Abuse Follow-up

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Last issue, we talked about how government overreach is tearing apart a family unjustly. Its abuse of civil and parental rights continues for young girl, Justina Pelletier.  In fact, many of you have written to me about this from our last issue. Here is an update of her situation and also an expose of other abuses by the Department Children … Read More

Mozilla Firefox fires CEO

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Discrimination is growing in America:  Intolerance against political ideas escalates. The Left flexed its muscles again, forcing Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eich to resign as CEO. He donated $1,000.00 in 2008 to support a proposition that would have made traditional marriage the only marriage in California.  A majority – 7 million – people supported traditional marriage. Brendan Eich never discriminated against … Read More

Time is running out!

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Attend an Election Forum. This way you can hear the explanation, issues and special insights you won’t get anywhere else. We only have a few events left. If you (or if you know a friend or relative) who live near these events, I hope you can come. DATE LOCATION Tonight @ 7:30p Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship, Temecula (Click link for details) May … Read More

Could you do me a big favor?

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1. Please post on your Facebook about the recommendations at electionforum.org. Here’s a message you could use: ElectionForum.org has great recommendations for the June Primary Elections…have you seen them? 2. Tweet about the recommendations. 3. Forward this email to all your friends at church who should and want to know about this. What do you think about the candidates this year? Email your … Read More

Vote for, not against your values

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Too many Christians vote the wrong way–or just as bad–don’t vote. The election is only a few weeks away. Do you know the judges and candidates you can vote for that respect your values> That’s why we have researched all the state, county, local, and judicial candidates as well as the propositions. Go to our website. If you’re not able to … Read More