San Bernardino Islamic Terrorism: 7 Things You Should Know [video]

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Another U.S. Islamic terror attack – this time in San Bernardino – has shocked America. Here are 7 things you should know: The moral battle between Islam and Western civilization is escalating. The battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, is heating up in America. And President Obama cannot adequately strategize against ISIS unless he admits their motivations. … Read More

“The Voice”: Bringing Worship to Millions [video you must see!]

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Jordan Smith, a contestant on “The Voice,” performed the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” on the show last week. 12 million viewers watched as he sang praises to our Lord. And the performance was incredibly popular! So popular that he reached the top of the iTunes charts. It ranked higher than Justin Bieber’s latest two singles, Adele’s “Hello,” and Drake’s … Read More

In Defense of Religious Liberty [video]

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Religious liberty is under attack in the United States. Christians are being told they cannot uphold their religious convictions about marriage in the workplace. Individuals are fired for having politically incorrect religious beliefs. High school football coaches are told they can’t pray in public and high school football players can’t praise God after a game. A Catholic charity comprised of … Read More

Wow! Pulling Back from Common Core

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Another state has withdrawn from Common Core testing. This time, it’s Massachusetts – formerly a state with consistently high standardized test performance. In 2015, Massachusetts’ NAEP scores had declined in almost every single category. But it’s not only states that are realizing Common Core lowers standards and acheivement – it’s teachers, students, parents, even those who wrote or approved the … Read More