The Damage to Kids from Divorce

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As a singles pastor, I saw the consequences of divorce on kids. And in the last update, we had an article on millennials leaving the church. Here is a powerful song by Chris August to illustrate the hurt, pain and dysfunction felt by the victims of divorce. What do you think? Email me your thoughts at [email protected] [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”16102076″]

The Hollywood Bible Study to the Stars [video]

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In 1992, Pastor Time Storey started a Bible study in Dyan Cannon’s Beverly Hills house. It started with 12 people, many well known stars. Since then Charlton Heston, Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Jr. … plus other famous people such as Vidal Sassoon have been to Pastor Storey’s studies or counseling by him. For example, Storey mentions he has had … Read More

Two Great Conferences

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For readers in Southern California, there are two great events coming up you should try to make. 2. Father’s Day – UnifyLA with Nick Vujicic You’re invited to hear Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic is an amazing evangelical and author of “Life Without Limbs.” A real heart for the Lord, and the lost and suffering. I was honored to share the stage with … Read More

Bad Economic Policies Suffocate Business and Create Unemployment [video]

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Former Reagan Economic Advisor Art Laffer speaks about rising gas and oil prices, the economy, unemployment, and the need for a change in economic policies. The free market plays a critical role in the U.S. economy. The video is about 6 minutes long. Watch here. What do you think? Email me your thoughts at [email protected] [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”16102076″]

Terror at Church – What You Must Do [video briefs]

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People gathered in church to read God’s word and pray. A church known for reconciliation… A church known for its love… A church known for wanting all to know the love of Christ. Hatred visited that church in South Carolina this week. Hatred that would create more racial conflict, more anger, and more division. On June 17, 2015, Dillan Roof … Read More

Are Evangelical Millennials Leaving Christianity?

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A lot has been said about kids in college and in their 20’s falling away from the Lord. Why? They were never taught apologetics and Biblical truth by the youth group – too much fun and games and warm fuzzy feelings. Their parents divorced, or have always been single parents. Kids are not taught how to live with the freedoms … Read More

June 30: Your Family’s Future Will Be Changed By Iran [video brief]

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Iran will impact every reader… Every family… Our future… June 30… the day President Obama finalizes the Iran agreement. If Iran gets its deal, Islamic extremists will use nuclear war as never imagined in a civilized society. That’s why: (1) Overthrowing the Iranian dictatorship, and (2) Preventing Iran from being a nuclear power are so vital. For more than 35 … Read More