The GOP Presidential Debate: Trump a Shocker – Cruz, Rubio and Paul Fight [video]

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The GOP Presidential debate helped define the candidates on key issues, especially international affairs and ISIS. Here is how the candidates did, with our rating and brief analysis: 1. Ted Cruz Performance:  ***** He came across with authority and passion. 2. Marco Rubio Performance: **** Despite being attacked, he was articulate and clear. 3. Rand Paul Performance: *** He was … Read More

Presidential Poll Update

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Here is an update of the results from our Evangelical Voter Poll for President:   Donald Trump:  33% Ted Cruz:  21% Ben Carson:  20% Mike Huckabee:  7% Marco Rubio:  6% Carly Fiorina:  5% Rand Paul:  3% Jeb Bush:  2% John Kasich:  1% Bernie Sanders:  1%   If you haven’t yet voted, you can do so here. What do you think? … Read More

Officer Garrett – the Gospel is Proclaimed in Death [video]

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Being against abortion, it was his duty to protect anyone against murder. As one of three killed by a mentally ill shooter, the police officer was also a lay pastor. The gospel was proclaimed despite his death throughout the Colorado Springs area… and the world. Here is a short CNN video, giving glory to God. What do you think? Email … Read More

Don’t Support Pro-Abortion Companies This Christmas

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If you’re pro life, join the hundreds of thousands who are not shopping at companies giving millions to Planned Parenthood. Life Decision International tracks corporate sponsorship of Planned Parenthood. Their mission is 1) Convince companies not to give and 2) To boycott those who do give after they hear from Life Decisions. Many companies have stopped giving. But not all. … Read More

President Obama Censors the Most Important Part of Charlie Brown Christmas Speech [video]

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President Obama again left Scripture out of an important piece of literature. This time, it was “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” You may remember that at the end Linus Van Pelt explains the true meaning of Christmas by reciting Luke 28–14. At the 50th Christmas showing, the President and First Lady spoke about the 1965 classic. Instead of quoting Scripture, President … Read More