This Summer–the Second Young Adult Political Boot Camp!

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In January, we hosted our first Boot Camp for those wanting a crash course in politics, elections, and campaigns. You can hear the last group’s opinions of their experience in this video. It went so well that we’re gearing up for another one on August 7-10, 2014. Click here for a flyer with all the details. And if you know someone who would … Read More

The Election Forum: Success

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It was great meeting so many readers during our Forums. I spoke at 11 community groups and 14 churches in the past 6 months before the June primary election. How about your church? Could you help me give one of the following? Between July and September: Sunday Morning Service: “Joy in Times of Persecution” or “Christian Worldview: What Every Christian Should … Read More

Good news!

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Justina Pelletier was ordered by a judge to be returned to her parents this week. See our past article here. Questions or comments about Justina’s story? Email me at [email protected]

Your help still needed!

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Soon to be hanged–because she’s a Christian. And America is not acting fast enough. But you can help stop it by signing our petition before time runs out. You may have heard about Meriam Ibrahim. She and her 19-month old child are in a nasty, horrible jail, where she is in shackles. And this month, Meriam gave birth while in jail to … Read More

Heaven is for real

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Surprise…more about those “Christian” movies. In the last issue of Reality Alert, we did a review on Noah’s Ark. There were many comments of interest about this. I also recommended readers to view the much better movie, Noah the Movie. And I mentioned, Shelly and I enjoyed God’s Not Dead.  I encourage you to bring others see it. Now in the theaters … Read More