How to vote for judges and candidates—vote for, not against your values

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   The November 4th General Election is about here and as Christians we need to vote, knowing our vote is recorded in eternity. We’ve made it easy for our California readers… Go to to see our recommendations for Northern California to San Diego. All the candidates and propositions. Also, our free webinar was this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. We … Read More

Jail time for pastors

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Pastor Donald and Evelyn Knapp operate The Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As ordained Foursquare pastors, they have performed more than 34,000 weddings since 1989. But because the city passed a non-discrimination ordinance, the government has tried forcing the couple to perform same-sex weddings. Penalty for refusing? 180 days in jail and a $1,000/day fine until they … Read More

Warning: New Bible distortion of truth

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What does God require of you? To do justly.  To love mercy.  To walk humbly before your God. (  ) The word speaks to us as individuals… not advocating government policy. But the liberals at Soujourners wanted to push their socialist/liberal economic agenda onto the Christian community. So, they created a new bible, the Poverty and Justice Bible. It highlights … Read More

California Judicial Nightmare: Huge Left Turn

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Governors appoint the powerful California Supreme Court Judges. These judges increasingly legislate from the bench.  They make laws, not interpret them. This is called judicial activism. They overturn the people’s vote. They ignore legislation passed by elected officials. They vote in their political beliefs. A strict constructionist interprets the law, doesn’t make it. That’s what a judge should do. A … Read More

Franklin Graham: Don’t bend to cultural drift

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   Pastors, Lay Leaders, Christians have been deemed by the media and liberals to be intolerant, bigoted and “haters” if one proclaims Biblical truth. Many pastors and Christians won’t talk about hell, homosexuality, abortion or other controversial issues for fear of people’s reaction. But Franklin Graham disagrees. “Christians cannot ignore parts of God’s Word because they are unpopular or cause … Read More

California Water Crisis: Storage, Not Shortage

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Readers in California know the state is in the middle of a drought again. It has not been this bad since the 1976-77 drought. The cycle continues but the politicians do nothing to solve the problem. They pass regulations, impose fines, and threaten rationing. Over the years water bonds have passed, costing 11 billion dollars. That’s really 22 billion when … Read More