Over 40 Christian Leaders Laid Hands on Donald Trump [video]

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Last week, Pastor David Jeremiah, Messianic Pastor Rabbi Kirt Schneider, Los Angeles Bishop Clarence McClendon and Dallas Pastor Robert Jefferies, joined a meeting organized by Pastor Paula White with Donald Trump. What was amazing about this meeting is that it was not 1 hour, as most political meetings are, but it lasted 2 ½ hours, ending with some powerful prayers … Read More

Israel Betrayed… Consequences Ahead? [video]

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The world… including the U.S. … has turned its back on Israel. The consequences and threat of nuclear war have never been greater, with the U.S. and the UN agreeing to the flawed Iran deal. Prime Minister Netanyahu made a powerful, passionate speech before the United Nations last week. It was stunning. It was powerful. It was shocking. He detailed … Read More

One Hope… One Truth… One Way… A Must-See Movie [Trailer]

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I just previewed the new movie Woodlawn. It’s a powerful movie you’ll want to have your unsaved friends see… and Christian friends as well. It’s filled with Biblical truth, the gospel and a look at the revival that took place in the 1970’s. John Voight is in the movie, giving it a higher profile. Woodlawn releases in theaters across America … Read More

Key Christian Presidential Poll [free gift]

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At Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, the Republican presidential candidates had a chance to show Christians which issues they are serious about. Shelly and I joined others to vote for our favorite candidate. Who do you think won? Here are the results for President: Ted Cruz 35% Ben Carson 18% Mike Huckabee 14% Marco Rubio 13% Donald Trump 5% … Read More

Christian Reality Shows

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Many are questioning the wisdom of Christian reality shows. Before the recent show “Preach” was canceled, nearly 15,000 signed a petition to cancel it. The show was about four prophetesses, and critic Tachina Carter stated that “Cameras do NOT belong in the church filming the ‘spiritual’ things that society as a whole does not understand.” But Carter doesn’t just think … Read More

Wages Down, Economic Growth Down [video]

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More economic bad news impacting jobs, wages and economic growth. First, wage income actually dropped again. This means the average worker is making less than 10 years ago. Second, the Obama Fed has again manipulated interest rates – hurting us all. See these two great explanations: 1. Steve Forbes on how the Obama Fed is killing the economy, lowering wages … Read More

Election Forum at Your Church

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We are now booking the best days for churches to hold our election forum. Last election, I went to small churches and large. Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, the Rock, and the Angeles Temple are just a few. I will give a non-partisan review of each candidate, judge and proposition. I explain what a Christian worldview is. Here is what some have … Read More