The Fight for Religious Liberty Escalates

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A Christian woman has been sent to jail for refusing to violate her faith. The persecution of Christians is the civil rights cause of our day. And now, Kim Davis, an elected county clerk in Kentucky, is the icon – a hero to supporters of religious liberty; a villain to those who see Christianity as the enemy and portray it … Read More

Election Forum at Your Church

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I’d love to come to your church and speak. Right now, churches are scheduling election forums, where I go down the ballot and in a non-partisan, non-endorsement way explain where the candidates – including judges – stand on the issues. Last election, I spoke at 40 events. Let me send you all the details. Email me at [email protected] Also, between … Read More

Hillary Worship

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Clinton’s campaign takes a strange and creepy turn… Hillary Clinton invited a women’s choir to sing at her campaign stop. And sing they did. This choir took the hymn “Woke Up This Morning (with My Mind on Jesus)” and reworded it – singing “Woke up this morning with my mind stayin on Hillary.” Some of the lyrics of the real … Read More

Warning: Viral Video Undermines Truth among Youth

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Christian youth groups and all millennials are being misled by a false video. The kids in your high school, college and young adult classes have probably seen this video. The video is insidious because at its surface, it seems rational, reasonable, and half-truth. And it uses a powerful technique that Christians do know – the power of testimony. Too many … Read More

Christian Music and the Decline of the Church in America

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When I first accepted Christ as my personal Savior, Christian contemporary music was in its infancy. It was looked down upon by the mainline churches, cultural Christianity and most evangelical churches. Over the years, the boom in contemporary Christian music has been historic and astonishing. My wife and I love going to concerts, listening to Christian contemporary music and try … Read More

Christians and Trump’s Controversial Immigration Plan [video]

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump has found a lot of support for his strong stance on immigration and has made it one of the key points of his campaign. He says that the American people are relieved to have someone voice the frustrations they are all feeling over failed immigration policy. But, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez (from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership … Read More

Persecuted Christians Flee Pakistan [video]

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Millions of refugees are forced to live as illegal immigrants because the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is inefficient and uncaring, and is even biased against Christians. Many Pakistani Christians flee to Thailand to seek refuge from persecution by Muslim militants. Under UN international law, the UNHCR is supposed to protect and provide for refugees while they wait … Read More