Heads Spin: Department of Justice Finally Will Protect Religious Liberty [Video]

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The media’s … progressive politicians’… and Department of Justice (DOJ) “Deep State” bureaucrats’ heads are spinning. For the first time, the Department of Justice has declared it will protect and defend religious liberty – not be at war with people of faith. What just happened at the recent Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Summit on Religious Liberty is historic … not … Read More

The Deep State: At War with the Heart and Soul of America

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The Deep State Threatens Your Freedom, Your Family and the Future of This Nation…Here’s What You Must Know to Protect Yourself.   The Liberal media likes to tell you “the Deep State doesn’t exist.” They’ll tell you it’s a fabrication … a lie. Newscasters on CNN or MSNBC will mock anyone that talks about the Deep State. Magazines like The … Read More

Election Surprise: 7 Things You Need to Know About How the Progressives and Socialists Plan to Win in 2018 [Video]

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If the progressives and socialists retake the House and Senate in this November’s midterm elections, it will be a major setback for: Religious liberty Economic growth Entrepreneurship and job expansion Tax reform Education reform … and more But they don’t have to win … they can be defeated… A major requirement in successfully combatting any adversary is to know the … Read More

Help Needed: Could You Do Me a Favor?

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You – or someone you know – may be able to help us with the following jobs and needs. Paid Jobs I have openings in my ad agency for the following: Executive Assistant. I need a high-energy, super-organized, people-friendly assistant for everything I do … including helping managing employees. Copywriter or Creative Director – Someone who can write powerful copy … Read More

Will I Be Coming to Your Church?

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I spoke at some 40 church services prior to the June primary elections … talking about: What constitutes a Christian worldview How to vote based on biblical principles and values The hope we can have when our world is turned upside down The hope we have for revival in America These topics will help transform your fellowship … and the … Read More

Stunning: Little-Known Pastor Becomes the Center of World Conflict

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When I was at the U.S. State Department with 350 participants from 80 countries, an Evangelical Presbyterian pastor from North Carolina – Andrew Brunson – was one of the hottest topics of discussion. Why? Because Vice President Mike Pence – and others – called Turkey on the carpet for falsely imprisoning this pastor and violating his religious freedom. The audience … Read More