The War on Truth: ‘The View’ Stuns Millions by Saying Christians Are Mentally Ill [Video]

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The vocal and vicious attack on the mental competence of Christians is growing and intensifying … we’re seeing and hearing it more and more from: the mainstream news media social media entertainment media academia progressive political groups liberal judges politicians One of the most recent attacks started with Omarosa Manigault-Newman – a disgruntled former White-House aide… Of Vice President Mike … Read More

Super Bowl Hero Witnessing to Ellen Degeneres on National TV Draws Applause [Video]

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Most Christians hide their faith or avoid exposing it on national TV … for fear of possibly offending someone. Not Super Bowl LII hero Nick Foles… While not outright sharing the gospel, he didn’t hide his Christian faith or downplay its importance in his life. The gutsy and heroic play of the Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback earned him not just … Read More

Upcoming Talks: See if I’m at Your Church [Video]

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In the coming months, I will be speaking at a number of churches and groups… I’ll be giving a speech in New York on March 7th for the Financial Policy Council. The topic is “Raising Capital with Crowdfunding and ICOs – A Review of the State of the Art.” Here are some of my other scheduled speaking engagements for the … Read More

My Fox Appearance: In Case You Missed It [Video]

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Last week I was on Varney & Company talking about the very real problem of voter fraud. Two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud are occurring in California and in other states as well: Illegal registration and voting of non-citizens Duplicate voting of legal citizens I’d love your input. My interview with Stuart Varney is only 3 ½ minutes long: … Read More