The End of Coronavirus Pandemic Fear? [Video]

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It may seem like a miracle. Private companies and researchers have quickly been developing both vaccinations and cures for the Coronavirus. And the FDA is finally getting out of the way – it’s the number one stumbling block to innovation of new cures. My Washington contacts tell me the speed of development of a multitude of new cures will shock … Read More

How the Church Can Mobilize, Evangelize, and Become More Effective in an Age of Coronavirus

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Across America, churches have closed their doors. The oddity of pastors delivering a Sunday morning message – some standing in empty pews, some standing onstage in an empty auditorium, and others sitting at a desk, perhaps with a fireplace behind them – certainly is unusual. Isolation – not fellowship – is the norm. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t evangelize. … Read More

How You Can Still Meet with Your Congregation, Virtually…

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We are in unprecedented times.  Your church has most likely been affected by what is going on with the Coronavirus.  Many American churches are now looking at ways they can be streaming their weekly services in order to be able to “meet” virtually.   Public health officials have warned against large gatherings such as church services to limit the spread of … Read More

Prayer? Oh No! 4 Things You Should Know About “Prayer Shaming” [Coronavirus]

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It blew up social media. It was an attack on prayer. It was an attack on Christianity. Let me explain. Vice President Mike Pence heads up Coronavirus Task Force. He had the audacity of beginning the first meeting in prayer. Here are 4 things you should know: 1. His prayer created a massive media attack of “prayer shaming.” Prayer shaming … Read More