Emergency Special Report

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Today President Trump’s Historic Presidential Declaration Causes Media’s, Bureaucrats’ and Socialist Governors’ Heads to Spin – Christians Cheer [Watch Presidents Declaration Video] Friday, May 22, 2020. President Trump today made a special declaration. Before the world, he spoke at a press conference with one powerful, clear message: Churches have been discriminated against…open now! He has made an official declaration that … Read More

The Rise of Tyranny: What if We Lost Our Freedom and No One Questioned Why, Not Even the Christians or Pastors [Video]

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Across America, pastors, business owners, and citizens are being arrested, fined and intimidated by government overreach – by tyranny. In some areas secular, pro-socialist, ideologically driven governors, county supervisors and cities have crossed the line from governing to tyranny. And it’s getting worse: Thousands of pastors across America are opening their churches. Pastors have been arrested or fined for holding … Read More

Shocking and Disturbing: Trump Attacked by Biased Media for Using Drug Shown to Have a 91% Cure Rate for COVID-19 – FDA and State Governors Restrict Its Use [Videos]

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Trump shocked the biased media when he told the world he was using hydroxychloroquine as protection against COVID-19. It was being widely considered by the medical establishment as a promising treatment for COVID-19. There was fair and balanced reporting of its known side effects and of its potential use to inhibit the overreaction of the immune system – which is … Read More

Panic in the Deep State: Explosive New Evidence of Corruption and Deceit [Videos]

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Lt. General Michael Flynn was set up… The government admitted it was wrong and the Department of Justice withdrew the case. But the judicial activist judge in the case, trying to protect Deep State corruption, won’t let Flynn go. Flynn was a victim of a complex setup and ambush orchestrated by the leadership of the ideologically-driven FBI – with the … Read More

Powerful: Pastor Wins “The Voice” Contest with Christian Song [Watch Winning Song]

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A pastor won in the latest “The Voice” contest. Pastor Todd Tilghman of Cornerstone church in Meriden, Mississippi climbed to the top… and won. And he didn’t shy away from reaching out to the millions watching the finale performances. His choice for the finale was MercyMe’s hit, “I can only Imagine.” To add to the drama of a Christian pastor … Read More