Socialism and Marxism in America: How Powerful Is It…and What Does it Mean to Our Future? [Podcast with Craig and Shelly]

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Socialism/Marxism power in America is becoming more self-evident…everyday. In schools… In the media… In politics… You are seeing the impact of Socialist/Marxist power on our society. Shelly and I had a chance to dig into this topic with Abraham Hamilton. You can listen to it, click HERE. Abraham has a depth of knowledge in how the Socialists and Marxists are … Read More

Just Got Off the Air: Listen to My 25-Minute National Interview with Bill Martinez. We Discuss How Things Got the Way Are, the Disney Insanity, and How to Turn Things Around

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Bill said “Craig you nailed it.” You’ll get insider info on the upcoming election, who is behind Biden’s policies, what is really going on at Disney, and much more. You can listen to the interview/podcast below. Click HERE. Then let me know what you think. E-mail me at

Ukrainian Churches Putin’s Target? How Russia is Using Christianity to Justify It’s Invasion [Video]

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Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church are on a united mission that could wipe out evangelical churches…and any religious opposition. The media doesn’t mention it. But one of the little-known forces driving the Russian invasion…and risking World War the misuse of religion. I describe this in my article “The Ukrainian War: Christianity vs. Religion – 6 … Read More

Supreme Court Warning: 3 Republican Senators and All Democrat Senators Just Voted “Yes” for the Most Radical Judge in American History

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the most radical judge in American history. She was appointed for a lifetime. The Senate has just approved of the most radical Supreme Court judge in America’s history. The appointment is historical. Not just because she is the first black woman in American history. But historical for positions, including: Not being able to define … Read More

The War on Religious Liberty: 3 Things You Should Know

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I just did a powerful insightful podcast/interview with Keisha Russell you should hear…and share. It’s all about religious freedom…but much more. You can click HERE to listen now…or read on… Keisha Toni Russell, a constitutional lawyer at First Liberty Institute recently testified before the U.S. Senate in opposition of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination for the Supreme Court, arguing that her … Read More

The Courage to Speak Out Against the Equality Act and Other Evils That Can Affect You, Your Family, and America’s Future: What You Can Do Now

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Our freedom of religion is under attack. Across America, the media, the politicians and the bureaucrats are attempting to transform our culture and society in a radical way. The Equality Act is the most dangerous example. The Equality Act will destroy Christian religious freedom, our First Amendment rights, churches and ministries. The Equality Act, if passed by the U.S. Senate … Read More

Who is Really Running America? [Controversial National Broadcast]

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Who is really running America? Who is making the decisions? I just got off a controversial national radio/podcast with Bill Martinez, answering the question and shocking the audience. Here are a few highlights: We are experiencing a brokenness coming out of Washington D.C – as well as from state and local government. We have an ideologically driven government in D.C. … Read More

Millions of Your Tax Dollars: Propaganda to Push Vaccinations – This May Be the Worse [Video]

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Watch this New Jersey Health Department tv/online commercial featuring a kid asking Santa Claus for the COVID vaccine. “Dear Santa, I don’t want games. I don’t want toys. Just get me the COVID vaccine!” The Child actor says in the video. A narrator remarks, “This holiday season, there’s no better gift than peace of mind. Get vaccinated today.” Click HERE … Read More

Biden’s Popularity by Religion Crashes – Here is How He Stands with “Religious” Affiliation [Note Black Christians!]

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65% of Black Christians now approve of Joe Biden’s job as President. That’s a crash from 92%  approval when he took office over one year ago. Here are approvals from other religious segments: White evangelicals: From 22% to 14% Catholic: From 56% to 46% Nones (religious unaffiliated): From 65% to 47% Why do you think the Black Christian support dropped … Read More

God is Not Dead: We the People – A Movie About Religious Liberty and Homeschooling

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My wife and I took a look at the latest release in the series, God Is Not Dead. The movie was powerful. It touched on many different topics – even the persecution of Christians overseas. But the main emphasis was the persecution in the U.S. by many trying to marginalize and outlaw homeschooling in America. School districts, the educational establishment, … Read More

How The Radical Left Mobilizes and Misleads By Deceit, Lies and Half-Truths – 7 Things You Should Know About the Falsely Called “Don’t Say Gay” Controversy [Must See Videos]

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The media. Big Tech. Big Corporations. Politicians. Activist organizations. They are all mobilizing opposition to Governor Ron DeSantis’ bill that stops radical teachers, school administrators, and school board members from brainwashing 5-,6-, and 7- year-olds…and abusing parental rights. And it’s a classic example of how the radical pro-socialists are able to defeat what they don’t like…or advance their agenda. They … Read More

The Growing Censorship of Conservative/Libertarian and Christian TV – My Explosive National Interview

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  There is a growing censorship of conservative/libertarian TV and Christian TV. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s happening with little opposition. OAN and Newsmax and FOX are all being hit. It’s a very dark moment in American history if we allow this to happen. I was recently interviewed by Pastor Greg Young of the Chosen Generation Podcast/national radio broadcast. Here … Read More

Hate Map: It Makes Me Sick But You’ve Got To See This [Petition]

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Let me show you something that makes me sick. Above is a hate map that is misleading, false, and wrong. It’s put out by a very well-funded progressive organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center. As you can see, the Pacific Justice Institute is on this malicious and slanderous list. I’ve supported the work of the Pacific Justice Institute for … Read More

The Ukrainian War: Christianity vs. Religion – 6 Little-Known Realities Every Christian Should Know

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There is a spiritual battle waging in the Ukraine. But most Christians don’t know about the church, Christians and the religious/spiritual conflict going on. President Biden opened the door to Russian invasion because of his humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and his failure of leadership in displaying strength and determination. It’s been a tragic political theater of mistakes, blunders, and appeasement. … Read More

Protecting Religious Liberty and First Amendment Rights [National Interview]

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The response from those who watched this was electric. I was just on a live broadcast from the National Religious Broadcasters convention being interviewed nationwide about the war on Christianity. You can view it by clicking HERE. We talked about government overreach including the closing of churches and how it could happen again. We talked about non-negotiables everyone should know … Read More

The Top 10 Most Economically Free Countries vs. the Top 10 Worst [Where Does the U.S. Stand? Why it Dropped…]

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History shows socialism does not work. History shows capitalism does work. It raises people out of poverty. It gives people unheard of economic opportunity and hope. It sparks innovation and an improved standard of living for all…plus individual choices and freedom. Government-controlled or state-run economies bring poverty, inequality and stagnation. It brings you the failures of the old USSR (Union … Read More

Who Do You Want for President in 2024? CPAC Poll vs. Ours

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The largest gathering of close to 3,000 conservatives, libertarians, and Christians took place in Florida. They voted on who they wanted for President in the next election. I find it interesting to compare their poll to our Huey Report poll (click HERE to vote if you haven’t already). Because President Trump is such a variable as to whether or not … Read More

Just Not Right: How the Federal Government is Giving Your Tax Money for Radical Political Groups and Causes [Radio/Podcast Interview]

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It’s just not right. In fact it’s wrong…and dangerous. The federal government is using your tax money to fund radical, pro-socialist groups. Why? To change the outcome of the 2022 election and transform our culture and politics into a “socialist utopia.” I just got off the air with Money Talk and the host was shocked. Here are a few key … Read More

Finally…at CPAC Conference, one of the Highlights was Mark Robinson, the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina [Dramatic Video]

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What a speech… What a powerful talk… I highly recommend you listen and be inspired. Incidentally, his first words when he came out on stage were: “As always, the very thing I’m going to do is I’m going to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ is the reason why we live in this blessed and prosperous … Read More

Shaking Things Up: Free States vs. Oppressive States, Mask Mandates vs. Choice. Pastors with Courage vs. Bowing to Caesar [My Surprising Trip to California vs. Other States National Interview]

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On national radio, I shook things up. You can listen to it HERE. Here are a few of the controversial things I said about my recent observations of California vs. free states in America: The politicians and bureuacrats have abused their power and imposed unfair and unnecessary rules and regulations that have been harmful to our society. Submitting to collectivism … Read More

Do Americans Trust Pastors?

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Over the years, I’ve reported on the drop of trust in the “clergy” by Americans. The clergy is a broad category including Protestant, Evangelical, Morman, and Catholic. This drop-in trust tracks with more Americans becoming “nones”, the media and entertainment attack on pastors, and the drop in church-going during the pandemic. Here is what the new Pew Research Center survey … Read More

Revealed: The Radical Democrat Socialists’ Secretive, Under-the-Radar 4-Step Plan to Win the 2022 Election

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The radical Democrat socialists are now pursuing a secretive, under-the-radar 4-step plan to win the 2022 midterm elections. Many groups and organizations are in panic, using advanced marketing and organizing strategies that conservatives, libertarians and Christians are not using. One of these groups is the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This is how the DNC plans to win the 2022 midterm … Read More

Little-Known Dangerous Attacks on Your Freedom: How and Why the “Deep State” Bureaucracy is Destroying the American Dream [Powerful Video Interview]

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What is happening to America today? And why? Watch Craig Huey explain in this powerful video interview little-known facts about the growing administrative state – the federal bureaucracy or deep state…you can watch the video HERE. A few of the key points made about the under-the-radar attack on our freedoms include: Being a small business owner and having to navigate … Read More

How You Can Help Turn Around the U.S. Senate Insanity

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Inflation… Loss of freedom… Billions wasted in deficit spending… Why? Because bad legislation squeezed by the U.S. Senate, often by one vote. Since the 2020 election, the U.S. Senate has been tied 50 – 50, with Vice-President Kamala Harris providing the tie-breaking vote in favor of the Democrats – and President Biden’s radical legislative agenda. It’s time we change the … Read More

Most Valuable Player in 2022 Super Bowl Game Places Higher Priority on His Christian Faith than on Football [Video]

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“Caught! On the run! Kupp, who else?!” Those were the words of Al Michaels, play-by-play announcer for last Sunday’s Super Bowl football game during the Los Angeles Rams’ final touchdown drive against the Cincinnati Bengals late in the fourth quarter. When Cooper Kupp later caught the winning touchdown pass with less than a minute and a half left to play, … Read More

The Shocking Truth About Your Local Schools: The Revealing Interview with One of America’s #1 Education Experts [Podcast]

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Kids in today’s public schools are in danger. From K-12, indoctrination, not education, is happening. Your area schools have teachers, curriculum and outside influences that are polluting the children’s minds. I wanted you to hear from one of America’s #1 education experts. I just got off the air with Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. We talked about the … Read More

Ideological School Board Disobeys New Law to Protect Kids and Parental Rights – Parents Must Now “Rebel” Against Stopping Propaganda and Forced Masking of Kids [Video]

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In Virginia, the new governor has seen open disobedience by radical school boards. They are ignoring his executive order to stop the forced masking of children and to respect parental rights. Governor Youngkin won the election with the help of parents wanting to stop the indoctrination of students in such things as Critical Race Theory (CRT), forced masking of kids, … Read More

Election Upset? Tipping the Outcomes by Gerrymandering – 5 Things Every American Should Know

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The 2022 midterm election will be a historic turning point. At issue is who controls the Senate and House – as well as state legislatures across America. Every 10 years – and 2022 is one of them – candidates for office will run in newly redrawn districts. The “pros” thought that since the Republicans have complete control in 23 states … Read More

The Dark Oppressive Cloud of Fear: 5 Reasons Why Doctors and Scientists Are Forced to be Compliant or Silent

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Across America, there is a dark cloud of fear that lingers over the medical establishment. Doctors and scientists have been afraid to speak out for truth or express an alternate point of view – more so than at any time in American history. The national repression of the free expression of opposing ideas is something that has circumvented the First … Read More

Just Not Right: How the Federal Government is Giving Your Tax Money for Radical Political Groups and Causes [Radio/Podcast Interview]

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It’s just not right. In fact it’s wrong…and dangerous. The federal government is using your tax money to fund radical, pro-socialist groups. Why? To change the outcome of the 2022 election and transform our culture and politics into a “socialist utopia.” I just got off the air with Money Talk and the host was shocked. Here are a few key … Read More

Notre Dame Cathedral: 4 Things You Should Know of the Destruction of History and a Transformation into Political Correctness

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My wife and I have visited several times the historic Gothic masterpiece in Paris, France – Notre Dame Cathedral. The church had undergone a massive fire a few years back in 2019, and now the plans for restoration have begun. Here are four things that are happening: 1. Those that want to maintain the history of the cathedral are battling … Read More

Prayer and Revival: How to Turn America Around [Controversial Radio/Podcast Interview Calling for Repentance…and Warning About the New Government Christian Database Craig Huey Interview]

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The audience was stunned… I explained to them how the U.S. federal bureaucracies are collecting a database on Christians working for the federal government. This Orwellian move is a danger to every American – Christian or not. The media has been silent on this… But this is the start of a campaign I’ve undertaken to expose it and stop it. … Read More

Ted Cruz: His Biggest Blunder Ever? His Epic Apology [See Video]

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The politicians and media called the January 6th Washington D.C. riot a “terrorist attack”. So when Senator Ted Cruz said “terrorist attack” – heads spun. The reality is the January 6th Washington D.C. Capitol riot wasn’t a terrorist attack. And it wasn’t an “insurrection” either, which is the left’s preferred term. Insurrection is a specific legal term, and January 6th does not qualify … Read More

Help Stop School Masking – Sign Our Petition Now

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It’s time to say “no” to the school mask mandates. It’s unscientific. It’s not following the data. It’s a form of child abuse hurting our kids and grandkids. The starting point is President Biden and the Washington establishment. And the battle to stop the masking madness is state, county, and local. We want to present our opposition to Washington and … Read More

3 New School Outrage Exposés: Disturbing New Revelations Shock the Conscience [Video]

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Here are just 3 new, disturbing government/public school examples of how out-of-control the teachers union, school administration and school board members are..and yes far too many of the teachers. 1. Elementary field trip to Gay Bar. In Florida, a school Board member said she was ‘so honored” to chaperone an elementary school field trip to a local gay bar. Can you … Read More

Federal Bureaucrat Worth Over $10 Million Dollars. What?: 6 Strange Things You Should Know About Dr. Fauci Becoming a Multimillionaire on a Government Salary

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Dr. Fauci’s net worth is well over $10 million dollars. How could this happen to someone who worked for the government his entire life? Government employees work for a salary, usually above the private sector. They get a generous health insurance program and retirement fund. But you don’t become a multimillionaire by working for the federal government. Or do you? … Read More

Censorship Escalates: OAN Banned on DirecTV. Are FOX and Christian Programming Next? [Emergency Petition] – 8 Shocking Facts You Should Know

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The radical pro-socialists want to censor and ban from the media anyone they disagree with. They call it “disinformation” or “misinformation.” Now the conservative network, One America News Network (OAN) has been canned by DirecTV. Who is next? Here are eight shocking facts you should know…and two important things you can do now to stop this madness. Fact #1: DirecTV … Read More

A Crime Against Humanity: The FDA/CDC Suppression of Alternative Therapies Exposed by Prominent Doctor

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Dr. Pierre Kory was interviewed recently and talked about how a half-million people may have died needlessly of COVID. He called it “a crime against humanity.” Why? It was because of the FDA/CDC, the Biden administration, and Dr. Fauci’s single focus on experimental vaccinations to stop infection or transmission of COVID-19. What was dismissed were existing medications that showed promise … Read More

Self-Identified Christians: Going Up or Going Down – 8 Things You Should Know About New Research

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According to new research, the percentage of the U.S. population that identifies as Christians continue to drop. Here are 8 things you should know: Self-identified Christians. Self-identifying Christians make up 63% of the adult population, a number that was 12 points higher (75%) in 2011. It was 6 percentage points higher (69%) just five years ago. “Nones”: About 30% of … Read More

Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter I.D. [Sign Our Petition]

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Voter fraud is a very dangerous reality in the United States today. That’s why we have a voter ID petition to put pressure on state and national leaders, and media, to act. Voter ID will make it nearly impossible to commit voter fraud. Without voter ID, there are multiple ways to commit fraud. [Click HERE to sign]. For example, duplicate voter registration and “dead voters” … Read More

Finally, How Refreshing to See Politicians Stand Up for Jesus Christ and Publicly Pray…

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In Virginia, the newly-elected Governor Glenn Youngkin joined hand in hand with the new Lt. Governor and Attorney General. All were supposed to lose….all won. This was the most diverse win in Virginia’s history – with the Lt. Governor black, the Attorney General Hispanic, and Glenn Youngkin white. They are all conservative. And they all profess Jesus Christ as Lord. … Read More

Shocker: Under the Radar, Federal Bureaucracy is Creating a Database on Christians [My Controversial Interview Exposing What is Really Happening in Washington D.C. on national Radio/Podcast]

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The audience was stunned… I explained to them how the U.S. federal bureaucracies are collecting a database on Christians working for the federal government. This Orwellian move is a danger to every American – Christian or not. The media has been silent on this… But this is the start of a campaign I’ve undertaken to expose it and stop it. … Read More

And Finally…Glorifying God Even in Death and Sorrow [A Video Tribute to Pastor Chuck Smith]

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When I was in college, I wandered into a tent invited by a friend…where a Christian concert and church service were being held. That’s where I not only accepted the Lord, but I received powerful teaching for over a decade from Pastor Chuck Smith and some of the great Bible teachers. Pastor Chuck integrated cultural and political issues but always … Read More

Parents as Domestic Terrorists? Why the War on Parents and Kids is Really Happening: My Powerful Interview/Podcast

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The Department of Justice is at war with parents right now. Why? How could this happen? Why is it in every school district in America? These are a few of the issues I just asked education specialist Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. This powerful interview is 13-minutes long and you will get a full picture of what is … Read More

Pastor Greg Laurie on Life, Death and Heaven – A Powerful Message for Those Hurt From Loss

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Normally I would not post someone else’s work. However, this is an exception. Someone very near to me is about ready to die, and his mother is heartbroken. Pastor Greg Laurie has written a powerful commentary about life, death and heaven…and especially how it impacts those who have lost a child. I think you will want to share this powerful … Read More

World Ablaze: 7 Disturbing Reasons America is On the Brink of War [Video]

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These are dangerous times… possibly the worst in America’s history. And yet the media and the Biden administration acts as if everything is perfect. It’s not. America is actually on the brink of war. Here are seven disturbing things you should know: Reason #1: The enemies of Americans and freedom watched how President Biden used a policy of appeasement and … Read More

Supreme Court Victory for Freedom of Choice: No OSHA Bureaucracy Mandates to Force COVID Vaccinations – But One Big Disappointment. 4 Things You Should Know.

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#1. We’re delighted that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared that President Biden’s overreach ordering the federal bureaucracy OSHA to mandate 80 million workers at large businesses to get vaccinations or lose jobs was declared unconstitutional. Had the Supreme Court upheld the mandate, freedom of choice and our individual rights would have been constantly under assault by the bureaucracies for … Read More

Biden Bureaucracy at War with Christianity: Creating a Database of Christians – 6 Shocking Things You Should Know

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President Biden’s politicized and ideological bureaucracy is creating Orwellian databases of Christians and people of faith. This has never been done before in the history of America. It should not be done now. Here are six shocking things you should know: #1. Ideologically-driven bureaucrats are out of control – the Christian database building. At this point we know of 25 … Read More

How You Can Help Turn Around the U.S. Senate Insanity

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Inflation… Loss of freedom… Billions wasted in deficit spending… Why? Because bad legislation squeezed by the U.S. Senate, often by one vote. Since the 2020 election, the U.S. Senate has been tied 50 – 50, with Vice-President Kamala Harris providing the tie-breaking vote in favor of the Democrats – and President Biden’s radical legislative agenda. It’s time we change the … Read More

‘Wow. Just Wow’: Christian Singer Natalie Grant Stuns America with Powerful National Anthem Performance [Video]

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Christian singer Natalie Grant stunned the audience…and the video got more than 120,000 views on one YouTube video alone. Natalie Grant sang the national anthem before the College Football Playoff championship football game between Alabama and Georgia, Jan. 10th, 2022, in Indianapolis. “Last night was a thrill,” Grant wrote. “Beyond grateful for the opportunity. Last words in my mind before … Read More

Shocker: How Your Tax Money is Being Used for Political Purposes [National Radio/Podcast Interview]

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I shocked the audience with a powerful, disturbing truth. I exposed how the Biden bureaucracy is using your tax money for political purposes. On the Bill Martinez national radio/podcast, I covered: How some of your tax money is going directly to radical nonprofit, politically biased groups transforming America. How the Community Health Centers are used to promote a political agenda, … Read More

Dr. Peter McCullough: His Special Warning to Parents and Grandparents About Vaccinating Children [Video]

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Dr. Peter McCullough believes that healthy children should not be given the COVID-19 vaccine because the percentage of those children that die from the virus is minuscule, but the adverse effects should worry everyone. Dr. McCullough is a leading cardiologist and epidemiologist who has chosen to speak up while other doctors have remained silent. Dr. McCullough used his associates at … Read More

CDC Director Disputes Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s Claim About Children Seriously Ill With COVID-19

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky disputed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s claim that 100,000 children are hospitalized or seriously ill with COVID-19 during arguments made before the court mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers. Walensky confirmed that there are about 3,500 children in the hospital who have tested positive for COVID-19…but really are there for … Read More

Japanese Medical Association Chairman Tells Doctors to Prescribe Ivermectin for COVID

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The chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki, held a press conference promoting the use of Ivermectin for early treatment of covid. They say the medicine Ivermectin seems to be effective at stopping COVID-19 and publicly recommend that all doctors in Japan immediately begin using Ivermectin to treat COVID. This is what countries such as India and many others … Read More

Christians are the Most Persecuted Faith in the World

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According to the Pew Christin Research Center, Christians in 153 countries face varying degrees of discrimination, violence and death. Sadly, few pastors talk about it. The media ignores it. And the politicians mostly don’t care. In communist countries, like Cuba, China and North Korea, the communist leaders are made out to be gods and socialism – their religion. Right now … Read More

Parents as Domestic Terrorists? Why the War on Parents and Kids is Really Happening: My Powerful Interview/Podcast

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The Department of Justice is at war with parents right now. Why? How could this happen? Why is it in every school district in America? These are a few of the issues I just asked education specialist Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. This powerful interview is 13-minutes long and you will get a full picture of what is … Read More

Dr. Malone Exposes Covid Lies and Myths: 21 Shocking Takeaways from the Joe Rogan Show After Both Were Banned by Twitter for Saying This…[Plus 3 Short but Powerful Video Clips You Must See]

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Dr. Malone was a well-respected scientist, doctor, and vaccine inventor. In fact, one of the things he invented were nine original mRNA vaccines that have patents. Dr. Malone recently broke his silence about the lies and myths Big Pharma, the medical establishment, the media and politicians have spread. Dr. Malone is smart, direct and one of the most credible and … Read More

Miracle Escape: The Little Known Story of How the Haitian Missionary Hostages Escaped Their Captors – 5 Things Every Christian Should Know

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Faith, God's Word, International5 Comments

It’s a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it. You see, 12 missionaries held captive in Haiti have escaped their brutal captors and are safely back in the US. How they escaped – not rescued – will make for an incredible movie someday. Indeed, their rescue is to the glory of God and shows His power and love today … Read More

Illegal or Not; How Sean Feucht is Bringing God’s Word and Hope to a Broken and Hurting America [Video]

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During the pandemic, Christian leaders let the body of Christ down. Many didn’t stand up for their constitutional rights and the priority of the gospel except for a small number such as Pastor Jack Hibbs and Pastor John McArthur. During the start of the pandemic, Sean Feucht was one of the few people who resisted the unconstitutional and illegal shutting … Read More

Department of Justice/FBI War on the Conservative Press: Libertarian and Christian Press Next? 7 Things You Should Know

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  The DOJ/FBI has just declared war on freedom of the press.  Shockingly, the Department of Justice/FBI is using its power to crush the conservative press and silence voices of opposition.  It’s never before happened in American history.  It should not be happening now.  It’s a direct attack by the coercive power of the bureaucracy against the First Amendment of the … Read More

America At War? How Biden Has Made This the Most Dangerous Time in Our History [Interview/Podcast with Jeff Stein]

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  America is more unsafe than at any time in our history. What President Biden has done is create a nightmare set up for a massive world upheaval. I just got off the air with Jeff Stein as we discussed what has become the most dangerous time in our history. President Biden is perceived to be weak by leaders in … Read More

The War on Christmas and the Indifference of Most [3 Little-Known Things You Should Know and 3 Powerful Things to Do]

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For years we have seen the war on Christmas escalate… For years we have seen Christmas become more and more secularized… For years we’ve seen the real story of Christmas fade into the background … almost to the point of disappearing altogether. And saying “Merry Christmas” has become politically incorrect and socially inappropriate. Many in the business world and government have ordered employers and advertising to ban any … Read More

Remembering Two Very Different Presidential Christmas Addresses

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Here is President Ronald Reagan’s first Christmas address from 1981 (about 4 minutes). Click HERE. And here is President Barack Obama’s Christmas address from 2015 – his last Christmas message before the 2016 presidential election surprise (about 3 minutes). Click HERE to view. President Obama’s message focused on family traditions and paid only passing lip service to the birth of Jesus… President Reagan’s … Read More

Suppressed and Censored: America – Amazing History of Christmas [Video]

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When I speak at conferences, a speaker that I often see is William Federer. I recommend his great books on history.  He has powerful must-see content suppressed and censored by the public schools, museums, libraries and the media. Yet history is critical to know to understand the future and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Even the history of Christmas. This … Read More

The Christmas Story: 5 Little-Known Facts You’ve Never Heard Regarding “The Rest of the Story” of the Manger

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You’ve heard the story a hundred times… “And it came about that while they were there [in Bethlehem] the days were completed for her to give birth. And she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped him in cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:6-7, NASB) … Read More

Pastor Mike McClure: Standing Up for Religious Liberty Despite Unfair, Continual Persecution – 6 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Courage to do right. Standing firm. Not bowing to Caesar. These are a few of the terms applicable to Pastor Mike McClure of Calvary Chapel San Jose. Like hundreds of other pastors, including Pastors John McArthur, Rob McCoy, Jack Hibbs and Ken Graves, these pastors had the courage to stand firm in the face of persecution from the government because … Read More

Salvation Army: It Breaks My Heart, but Here are 3 Things You Should Know – Why I No Longer Support or Donate

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I recently walked by a Salvation Army bell ringer. For the first time, I could not donate. It breaks my heart, but the Salvation Army has been infiltrated by advocates for Critical Race Theory (CRT)… and they are heading in a political, not a biblical, direction. Here are 3 things you should know: 1. The Salvation Army and its political … Read More

Your Tax Money Used Against You, Your Family and Freedom: How the Socialist Bureaucrats are Transforming America Culture and Politics [2 Disturbing Facts You Should Know]

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The Washington D.C. bureaucracy is using your tax money to help transform culture and politics into a radical, pro-socialist society. They do this in a variety of ways. Here are two disturbing facts you need to know: Disturbing Fact #1: Your tax money is sometimes going directly to radical “non-profit” politically-biased groups for transforming America based on politics. This type … Read More

Haiti: Captured Missionaries Finally Free

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After several months of captivity, the missionaries captured in Haiti are now free. Praise God! Thank you so much for all your prayers. More details of what happened will soon come. But in the meantime, continue to pray for other people who have been kidnapped, including Christians and pastors. Continue to pray for the Christians ministering in Haiti, and continue … Read More

Judges Have Been Actively Legislating from the Bench and Requiring COVID Mask Mandates on Children

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Masks for kids (and adults) are not proven to be effective. In fact, it is proven to often be harmful. And it creates psychological and social problems as well when kids cannot see expressions or a person’s face. Many parents have gone to school boards as well as to court to try to allow the parents to have the freedom … Read More

Stopping the Madness: How Christians Can Make a Powerful Difference by Voting For, Not Against, Their Values [Video]

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I was recently interviewed by Jason Yates for a national broadcast. The topic was “A Christian Looking at Today’s World and Politics and What Can be Done”. We focused on the seven, key Biblical worldview non-negotiables that could help Christians know how to vote for, not against, their values. But also much more. For example, we talked about Christians who: … Read More

Persecution of Christians Worldwide Escalates…and President Now Abandons Christians in Nigeria

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Christians in Nigeria are stunned by President Biden’s betrayal. So are Christians in America. In fact, 47 faith groups have called on President Biden’s administration to reverse its decision to ignore Nigerian Christians in the face of genocide. The Biden administration removed Nigeria from its listing of countries allowing religious discrimination, including mass genocide of Christians. 2021 has seen massacres … Read More

The Shocking Truth About Your Local Schools: The Revealing Interview with One of America’s #1 Education Experts [Podcast/Interview]

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Kids in today’s public schools are in danger. From K-12, indoctrination, not education is going on. Your area schools have teachers, curriculum and outside influences that are polluting the children’s minds. I wanted you to hear from one of America’s #1 education experts. I just got off the air with Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. We talked about … Read More

Rising Prices: The Cause, Cure, and Dangers of Inflation [National Broadcast with Craig Huey and Bill Martinez]

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Why is there inflation? What is it’s cause…truth vs. fiction. How do we stop it? What can we expect in the coming months? What is “shrinkflation”? Listen to this powerful, concise interview – about 10 minutes long.  You can listen by clicking the button below. Let me know what you think. Email me at And be sure to share … Read More

Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter I.D. [Sign Our Petition]

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Voter fraud is a very dangerous reality in the United States today. That’s why we have a voter ID petition to put pressure on state and national leaders, and media, to act. Voter ID will make it nearly impossible to commit voter fraud. Without voter ID, there are multiple ways to commit fraud. [Click HERE to sign]. For example, duplicate … Read More

Has Your Church Fully Recovered from the Pandemic?

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Churches across America have spent a year and a half recovering from the pandemic. Reopening ministries. Recovering financially. And restoring attendance as people have come back to church. Many churches – especially in the “oppressive” states such as California, Oregon, New York, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware – are suffering the … Read More

Finally, in Tragedy, Nick Cannon Gives Glory to the Goodness of God in His Pain and Sorrow [Must See Video]

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Watch this powerful, heartfelt video of Nick Cannon on his national broadcast telling the tragic story of his baby. Listen as he acknowledges his faith: “I have so much faith in the Lord, so much faith in God…” and as he talks about prayer and the strength of God. What would you say to a national audience? This powerful video … Read More

Biden’s Omicron Pandemic Panic: Endless Fear, Lockdowns, Booster Shots and Masking – 6 Reasons the Omicron is an Overreaction and Excuse for More Control and Power [Video]

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The new COVID Omicron variant has seen powerful calls for: Another lockdown… More shots… Double masking… And yes, more restrictions. Crazy restrictions on international travel. Crazy restrictions destroying parental authority and property rights. Crazy restrictions dividing America into two classes: the vaccinated and unvaccinated. But there is more: No Christmas gatherings. No travel. No freedom of choice. President Biden and … Read More

Thanksgiving Present, Thanksgiving Past: Two Different Messages, Two Different Worldviews

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See if you can see the difference in the Thanksgiving message from former President Trump and President Biden, as I do. I think the dramatic difference between President Trump’s Thanksgiving message contrasted with President Biden is huge. It reflects two different worldviews. 1. Here is former President Trump’s Thanksgiving message this year: Happy Thanksgiving 2021 – Let us thank the … Read More

Banning Biden’s Vaccination Mandates: More Court Victories [Video]

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The end of forced covid vaccination mandates is near. First, two federal courts stopped Biden’s OSHA bureaucracy unconstitutional overreach requiring all employees in companies with 100 or more employees (see “Court Slams Biden’s COVID-19 Forced Vaccinations…Victory for Freedom in America: 7 Things Every American Should Know [Video]“). Now, there are two new court bans for medical personnel and federal contractors. … Read More

Haiti Kidnapping Update: 2 Missionaries Released, 15 More To Go – 4 Things You Should Know

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Christian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti, still need your prayers and letters. We are glad to report two have been released. To read the full story of what happened, read “17 Christians Kidnapped – Including Children: 7 Realities the Media Isn’t Telling You”  and “17 American Christian Missionaries Kidnapped: Why is Biden Ignoring Them? 4 Things You Should Know”. Here are … Read More

Censorship of Conservative, Libertarian and Christian Radio and TV – 4 Dangerous Threats You Should Know [Urgent Action Request]

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Your conservative, libertarian or Christian radio, TV, cable, and satellite programming is about to be censored. Let me explain. The Biden administration is filled with radical pro-socialists and anti-freedom bureaucrats who are trying to legislate their extremist ideology through government regulatory actions. Now they have taken aim at radio and TV. They want to silence the voices of opposition. They … Read More

Protecting Life: The Truth You Won’t See on Facebook and the Biased Media About the Supreme Court Abortion Case [Tearful, Powerful Video]

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The Supreme Court is reviewing abortion and the constitutionality of limiting or prohibiting it. But the distortions, lies and myths from Facebook, Apple News, Google searches and the biased media is deafening. Here is a clear, concise explanation of the issues before the court and what it means to the future of abortion in America. Be warned: Many who watch … Read More

Thanksgiving 2021: Can We Really Be Thankful with All the Division, Economic and Political Problems? Yes We Can: 7 Reasons Why [Video]

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It seems America…and the world is facing multiple crises – A world turned upside down. Crime and violence… Social and racial divisions… Economic uncertainties… World conflict… Political division… Vaccine mandates…never-ending virus madness… And so much more. Many churches and ministries are still recovering from the lockdowns… Thousands of small businesses have been forced to close for good and many more … Read More

The Shocking, Disturbing Truth about JFK – Must-Hear Audio

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The forgotten tapes of Lee Harvey Oswald There was a lot of media coverage of the November 22 anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination—but I never heard anyone talk about the Lee Harvey Oswald’s radio debate. Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who killed the President. But why? When I was in high school, active discussion was still taking place … Read More

Watch Our YouTube Video with Christian Author and Attorney Just Unfairly Censored [Censored Video]

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We were unfairly censored by YouTube…but here is how you can still see the video they don’t want you to see. The Reality Alert video was canceled by YouTube: No warning No appeal No reason…just ideological suppression of the truth. The video is the Christian civil rights attorney Brad Dacus and Craig Huey talking about legal and ethical ways employees, … Read More

Mistreated and Lied About: The Sad but Victorious Victory of Kyle Rittenhouse Every Christian Should Know [Powerful, Powerful Video]

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People were fed lies about Kyle Rittenhouse…and the lies were exposed in his court case. Sadly, the media and many people still believe the lies and spread them. Kyle was mistreated not only by the media, but by his original lawyers, the media, the jailers…and the pro-socialist city District Attorney. The treatment was not just unfair it was despicable…creating anger … Read More

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation: American Time of Death, Destruction, and Fear

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As Thanksgiving approaches, bless someone with Abraham Lincoln’s “Thanksgiving Proclamation.” Some of our readers may wish to read part or all at your Thanksgiving dinner…if that’s “legal” in your community. President Lincoln gave this at one of the worst years in American history – with death, destruction and fear for the future. See the proclamation below: Washington, D.C.October 3, 1863 By the … Read More

Thanksgiving: A Lifestyle, Not Just a Holiday

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For us as Christians, thanksgiving should be our daily lifestyle, not just a holiday we celebrate for one day each year. Yes, this is a time to be thankful for our American heritage … for freedom … for our unique and many blessings. But my prayer is this attitude of thanksgiving be much more. Many of you are familiar with 1 Thessalonians … Read More

Unfairly Censored by YouTube

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YouTube has unfairly censored our video with Christian civil rights attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. That “canceling” of our video is bad news for getting the message out. But I do have good news. You can now see it on Rumble, click HERE. In the video, Brad and I discuss the two legal and ethical ways to opt … Read More

Court Slams Biden’s COVID-19 Forced Vaccinations…Victory for Freedom in America: 7 Things Every American Should Know [Video]

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The courts have just halted Biden’s forced vaccinations. And it slammed the Biden Administration for trying to use the federal government bureaucracy to violate people’s personal choice. Millions of people have been concerned that they’re going to be forced to get a  vaccination. This meant not only forcing people to do something against what they want by the bureaucracy but … Read More

17 American Christian Missionaries Kidnapped: Why is Biden Ignoring Them? 4 Things You Should Know

Craig HueyChristian Persecution, Current Events, Faith2 Comments

The Biden Administration seems to be ignoring the 17 American citizen missionaries kidnapped in Haiti. The group included sixteen U.S. citizens and one Canadian citizen – consisting of five men, seven women, and five children. I explained the details of this horrific act a few weeks ago in “17 Christians Kidnapped – Including Children: 7 Realities the Media Isn’t Telling … Read More

The Fast Track to Destruction: America on the Brink: My Surprising and Shocking Answers on Vic Porcelli Radio and Podcast [Must-See Interview]

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I just got off the air with Vic Porcelli where we discussed the out-of-control federal debt, little-known Socialist legislation, bureaucracy, opposing freedom and more. Here are a few key points from the interview: How Biden and the failed bureaucracy tried to change the messaging of the epic Afghanistan debacle What happened in Afghanistan was a horrible failure and there ended … Read More

Finally…Satire: Joe Biden v. Catholicism

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I thought you would like this somewhat satire from The Federalist about Joe portrayed as a “devout Catholic”: The Federalist states: “There’s been some confusion about journalists labeling Joe Biden a “devout Catholic.” For those of you who luckily don’t work in the media industry, let me fill you in. A “devout Catholic” is a politician who claims to be … Read More

12 Non-Negotiable Issues for Christians – Powerful TV Interview with Dr. Chaps [Video]

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I recently did an interview with Dr. Chaps on his national show, PIJN News. This fast-paced, high-energy interview covers 12 non-negotiables for Christians. These are key criteria before any Christian should vote. Plus, you’ll discover in the interview: When the church shows up to vote…and when it doesn’t. A Christian Worldview versus what? New federal law that would destroy future … Read More

Special Report: Forced Vaccinations/Emergency Guidance for Legally Opting Out [Video]

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Across America, employees, students, and military are being told: Get a vaccination or get fired… Get a vaccination or don’t come to school Get a vaccination or you’re dishonorably discharged It’s terrifying. It’s unamerican. It’s happening now. But there is a path to keeping your job, staying in school, and staying in the military…legally. And it’s free. I just got … Read More

Protecting Life: The Truth You Won’t See on Facebook and the Biased Media About the Supreme Court Abortion Case [Tearful, Powerful Video]

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The Supreme Court is reviewing abortion and the constitutionality of limiting or prohibiting it. But the distortions, lies and myths from Facebook, Apple News, Google searches and the biased media is deafening. Here is a clear, concise explanation of the issues before the court and what it means to the future of abortion in America. Be warned: Many who watch … Read More

Finally…You’ll love this video reality check…

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Any reader born before 1980 (and probably later) will love this short 2-minute video – “I can’t believe we made it.” It’s all about survival, independence, self-responsibility and learning how to live in the real world without the paranoia and fear from those wanting to control every aspect of a young person’s life. Click HERE to view the short video clip. What … Read More

The FBI/Department of Justice War on Parents: Investigating Moms and Dads as “Domestic Terrorists” – 11 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Education, Government3 Comments

“Domestic Terrorists”. This is what moms and dads speaking out at School Board assembly meetings are now being called – Domestic Terrorists. President Biden, the Department of Justice, and the FBI are classifying parents and taxpayers as potential “Domestic Terrorists” — requiring an investigation of those going to their local school board meetings to complain about curriculum and other harmful … Read More

China’s War on Christianity: Apple Voluntarily Helps Them

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A Bible app has been voluntarily removed from Apple’s app store for those using it or wanting it in China. As China has escalated its war on Christianity (See China 2021: Historic Persecution of Christians is Skyrocketing – 7 Things Every Christian Should Know) it is now using Apple to help it remove any Biblical content access. Physical Bibles cannot … Read More

Kamala Harris Deceit: Black Churches Being Manipulated for Political Gain – 4 Things You Should Know [Her Disturbing Video]

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Vice President Kamala Harris has created a deceitful video aimed at Christians. In more than 300 Black churches in Virginia, Harris sent a video message that distorts the truth and misleads the Christians in the church. Here are 4 things you should know: 1. Political Manipulation – What is Happening. Vice President Kamala Harris is running a campaign video at … Read More

Finally…Pushing Back on Media Bias [Wow Video]

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The biased media wants to paint a narrative and often frames questions that are not objective but lead to a predetermined conclusion. But Tech Investor David Sacks would not be sucked into the reporter’s trap. On Bloomberg TV, David was challenged on doing a fundraiser for conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Someone the pro-socialist media hates and fears. Wow. Most … Read More

Shocking Door-to-Door Vaccination Squad: 4 Dangers to Our Freedom [Massive, Federal Church Program]

Craig HueyGovernment, Healthcare2 Comments

It’s shocking. The Biden administration has mobilized thousands of door-to-door vaccination enforcers to see if you’ve been vaccinated or not. A large part of this shocking invasion of privacy is part of the millions of tax money outreach to pastors and churches. These are largely organized efforts to: Shame you…. Coerce you… Force you… Into taking the covid-19 vaccination. If … Read More

An Insider Expose: How Google Manipulates What You Search – 5 Things You Should Know About Its Secretive Disinformation and Biased Searches [Video]

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Google’s manipulation of what information you get on a search is well-documented, but you never know it’s happening to you. For example, if you search for “Larry Elder”, everything negative appears in the first 10-20 pages before something positive is seen. Of course few people look at search results past page one. This is true for searching “inflation”, “Trump”, “masks”, … Read More

Finally, Parents Are Speaking Up and Demanding Parental Rights – Even in California [Video]

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As schools demand a COVID-19 vaccination, parental authority and choice are being crushed by school bureaucrats and power/control-hungry politicians. And in California, the Governor wants to force all kids to get the covid jab – even private and Christian schools! Parents only have two choices: homeschool or flee to a free state. Watch these California parents cry out for parental … Read More

17 Christians Kidnapped – Including Children: 7 Realities the Media Isn’t Telling You

Craig HueyChristian Persecution, Current Events, Faith5 Comments

It’s disturbing enough that 17 missionaries in Haiti have just been kidnapped and lives have been threatened with death. But the biased media has distorted the story. Here are 7 things you should know. Reality #1: What really happened in Haiti. 17 Christians were just kidnapped in Haiti. They were in a bus on the way to the airport after … Read More

Warning: Government-Created Inflation Spikes Again – 5 Disturbing Things About the Most Immoral Tax of All the Media and Politicians Won’t Tell You [Videos]

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Did you get an increase or bonus of $175.00 last month? If not, you are $175 poorer. Let me explain these five disturbing things that you should know: 1. Inflation means your dollar buys less…it’s lost its value. You see, if you believe the government’s official inflation rate (about 5%) and you look at average expenses of Americas earning $70,000 … Read More

7 Surprising Things You Probably Don’t Know

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1. Twitter Employees, Political bias. Twitter employees and families donated 98% to the Democrats and 2% to the Republicans. 2. Black Lives Matter – Nobel Peace Prize? Black Lives Matter (BLM) has helped cause $1 billion in damages in cities since May of 2020. Just in Minneapolis, 1,500 businesses were damaged or destroyed – most never to open again… and … Read More

Department of Injustice: False Accusations, Wrongful Imprisonment, and a Trampling of Justice – 4 Things You Should Know [Chilling Tucker Video]

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It’s war. And injustice. It’s war not against a foreign enemy or violent terrorists. It’s war by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against those opposed to socialism, bureaucracy, and the U.S. Constitution against those for capitalism, freedom and limited government. The enemy: “Domestic Terrorists”. The video (Click HERE to view) below reveals how Biden Administration’s politics has infected the actions of the … Read More

COVID-19 Chinese Lab Accident and Bioweapon: Government Releases Biased, Incomplete “Official Report” – 6 Things You Should Know [Video]

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President Biden’s intelligence report of the origin of Covid-19 has been released. When Biden became President, he disbanded Trump’s investigation that was almost complete and started another investigation with his own intelligence team lab origin deniers. Here are six things you should know: #1. The “consensus” of one intelligence agency in the new report was evidence points to a Wuhan … Read More

The New Great American Fight for Freedom: 3 Powerful Videos that Reflect the Skyrocketing Revolt Against Unjust Mandates Sweeping Across America – Courageous People Spontaneously Standing Up for What’s Right and Demanding Injustice Stop [Must See Videos]

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What is happening across America? A revolt of ordinary Americans that I’ve never seen before. Here are 3 powerful, short video examples every American should see. These are being censored by Big Tech, but we have censor-free videos for you to view. 1. Parents fighting against forced masks for kids. Watch this short 6-minute video as these parents speak out … Read More

China: Why You Should Be Very, Very Concerned – Biden’s Afghanistan Actions Create New Danger China Threat

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Government, International1 Comment

Biden’s total mishandling failure and appeasement in Afghanistan has a dangerous unintended consequence: a dangerous signal to China we won’t stop you. Biden’s policies are risky and dangerous because they will lead to more war and more communist domination. China has one objective: world domination. Nothing less. Yet Biden’s disastrous weakness and incompetent handling of encouraging China in Afghanistan is … Read More

China 2021: Historic Persecution of Christians is Skyrocketing – 7 Things Every Christian Should Know

Craig HueyChristian Persecution, Current Events, God's Word1 Comment

The persecution of Christians in China has dramatically increased. Communist persecution of Christians – jailing, torture, killing – was at its height in China during the 1960’s horrific “Cultural Revolution”. But what’s happening today may be worse – far worse. Let me explain. Here are seven things you should know:   #1. China’s “sinicization” campaign is to destroy Christianity. The … Read More

Now, the Good News: God Moving Powerfully Across America [Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie Videos]

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Faith, God's Word5 Comments

I’ve got some good news. God is moving and changing people’s lives. Many pastors have been silent, marginalized, and invisible during the pandemic – bowing to Caesar and fear, not standing firm. Many Christians have become passive and ineffective in spreading the gospel, ministering, and serving, afraid of covid. But God is moving. Franklin Graham just concluded a nationwide Crusade … Read More

School Bureaucrats Dirty Little Secret: 3 Disturbing Realities – How the Broken Government/Public Schools Give Bloated Salaries to School Administrators

Craig HueyBureaucracy, Education, Government3 Comments

Kids aren’t getting an education but indoctrination in government-run public schools. Parents are kept in the dark…and dismissed if they oppose a policy – silence is demanded. Taxpayers footing the bill are abused by excessive spending. Just take the bloated salaries of school administrators. Here are three disturbing realities: Reality #1: It doesn’t matter if it’s a rich district or … Read More

Behind the Scenes: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Bureaucracies and the Economy: What to Expect For Your Future [Listen to My Podcast with Lee Bellinger Now]

Craig HueyEconomics, Government, Media2 Comments

It’s candid, spontaneous and a powerful interview you should listen to now…and you’ll want to share. In it, you’ll find a powerful explanation of what is happening behind the scenes in Washington now…why it’s happening…and what needs to be done. You can listen to it HERE. It’s with Lee Bellinger of Off Grid Confidential newsletter. Lee has one of the … Read More

Feeling Defeated? Craig Huey’s Message to Dr. Carol Swain Gives Surprising Hope and Actionable Advice for Christians to See Cultural and Political Victory

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I was just put on the hot spot on a national broadcast by Dr. Carol Swain. You can watch it HERE. Dr. Swain asked what many are thinking…there is no hope…why should I bother to vote…I’ve given up… My answer was what everyone needs to hear. Dr. Carol Swain is one of America’s leading and most knowledgeable voices on America’s … Read More

Radical Teachers in Their Own Words: True Confessions Reveal the Educational Crisis of Indoctrinating the Children [Unbelievable Must-See Video]

Craig HueyEducation, Politics, Social Media3 Comments

The teachers are told by the teachers union – “Don’t tell parents what you’re teaching”…”Don’t allow videos in the classroom”…and “Don’t post ideas on social media.”  Most teachers obey. But not all. Watch these teachers’ Tik-Tok video, “True Confessions.” It’s about 4 minutes. They are like “true confessions” as these teachers brag about the politics, pro-LGBT agenda and radical socialist … Read More

COVID-19 Alternatives: How to Protect Yourself, Family and Friends

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Healthcare, Politics15 Comments

The politicians, Big Tech, and big Pharma have made many suffer – and some doctors say die – because of lifesaving alternative therapies that have been effectively banned and censored in America. Hospitals, doctor offices, and insurance companies are prohibiting people from getting COVID medicine they prefer to take, even if they request it. Fortunately, there is a way you … Read More

The Death of Freedom in America? Trader Joe’s Fires Manager of 26 Years for Requesting Religious Exemption from COVID Vaccination Mandate [Must See Video]

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Government, Healthcare5 Comments

Say goodbye to freedom in America? The erosion of freedom began with COVID-19 business lockdowns, school closures, “shelter in place” orders and mask mandates. Because the general public accepted these encroachments on their personal liberty under the guise of “protecting public health,” it shouldn’t be any surprise that our “public servants” at all levels of government are now calling for … Read More

China 2020: Worst Persecution of Christians Since the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s

Craig HueyChristian Persecution, International, Religious Liberty3 Comments

Communist persecution of Christians – jailing, torture, killing – was at its height in China during the 1960’s horrific “Cultural Revolution”. But what’s happening today may be worse. Let me explain. The Chinese government, under the guidance of President Xi Jinping, has escalated the persecution of people of faith with his ‘sinicization’ campaign. “Sinicization” is to recreate religion to align … Read More

Biggest Tax Hike in History – 5 Disturbing Things – Every American Should Be Very Afraid

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Government, Tax Reform3 Comments

On the surface, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are pushing a “Tax Emergency” because of the pandemic. But it’s really a fast-track way to impose more radical socialism and big government dependency programs on America. Here are 5 things you should know: 1. Who is hurt? Higher taxes hurt people. They hurt especially: Workers Families Small businesses The Retired Higher … Read More

Reality Check: 4 Things Everyone Should Know About the FDA Approval of the Pfizer Covid Vaccination

Craig HueyBureaucracy, Current Events, Government, Healthcare24 Comments

The Food and Drug Administration is a federal government bureaucracy. The FDA approved the Pfizer covid vaccination. Immediately the media and the medical establishment praised the FDA and told everyone – don’t worry it’s safe now, so just get the shot. Are they right? Here are 4 things you should know about this FDA approval. Reality Check #1: This is … Read More

California’s Recall: Why Did Newsom Win…Is There Any Hope for California? (My Startling Interview With One America News Network Nationwide Broadcast)?

Craig HueyElection, Election Results, Politics15 Comments

With the failure of the recall election in California, more businesses and more individuals will be leaving California. Many have given up hope about turning California around. Is there hope? And why did the election turn out the way it did? I was just interviewed by Dan Bell of One American News (OANN) for a nationwide broadcast on the recall … Read More

Special California Recall Insider Alert – 5 Things You Should Know

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Election, Election Results3 Comments

Help make history today – call your family, friends, long-lost buddies, church members, neighbors. Text them. E-mail them. But above all, call and share this with any Californian, registered to vote or not. 1. Christian California Recall Poll: Who Christians Are Voting for Governor How do evangelical Christians feel about the California Recall election? We asked 100,000 evangelical Christians what … Read More

4 Powerful, Little Known Things You Should Know About California’s Recall [See Video of My Speech With Larry Elder]

Craig HueyCurrent Events, Election, Election Results, Politics2 Comments

America is watching the California Recall. The Democrat socialists are in a panic. Here are 4 powerful things you should know about this recall election. 1. Larry Elder and I spoke on voter fraud. 2,400 people watched this. You must see what I said to Larry. You can see the video HERE. 2. The recall has implications that impact not … Read More

U.S. Military: Top Generals’ Politicized Leadership a Danger to Freedom and our Republic – 4 Things You Should Know, Despite Biased Media Silence [Video]

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The leadership of our own U.S. military is becoming one of the biggest threats to freedom and our Republic. The failure of the Generals and top military leadership in Afghanistan is just a horrific outcome of their political policies. Politicizing the military started under President Obama. It continued as part of the “resistance” determined to undermine of President Trump. And … Read More

School Indoctrination: Forcing Kids to Pray and Praise Aztec and Mayan Gods

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Across America, children from kindergarten to 12th grade are being indoctrinated. Teachers trained in college to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT), radical climate change paranoia, socialist economics and ideology, and anti-American history are also taught. But so are false religions. For example, in California, the State Board of Education has imposed in the textbooks and curriculum Aztec, Mayan and African … Read More

The 10 Commandments of Ideological Government Bureaucracy

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Today’s government bureaucracy is uniquely different today than the past. Today’s it’s political or ideologically motivated and driven. George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the 19th century German philosopher, believed that “State is the march of God on earth.” By “state” he meant the national government. There are many career government bureaucrats in the U.S. today that would agree with Hegel’s declaration. … Read More

Dangerous: How “H.R. 4” Will Federalize Elections Destroying Election Integrity (Action Steps for Everyone to Take Now)

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The number one goal of the socialist Democrats when they came into power in January in Congress and in the Presidency was to federalize the elections which would destroy election integrity. Here are five things you should know about the latest attempt at controlling future elections: 1. H.R. 4 will federalize the elections. That’s right. It will be the big-government, … Read More

Forcing People to Get a Vaccination or Get Fired – 5 Things You Should Know if You Don’t Want the Vaccine and Do Want to Keep Your Job

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Across American in the oppressive states, people are being forced to get a vaccination even if they don’t want to by the state governments. Even in the free states, federal government bureaucrats and pro-socialist companies are also requiring it. Here are 5 things you should know: 1. If you don’t want the shot, you have legal options. First, watch my … Read More

Audience Surprised: I Just Got Off the Air on the Bureaucratic Assault on Freedom Failing, Indoctrination of Government Schools [Listen Now]

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I recently got off the air with Jimmy Barrett where I discussed the bureaucratic assault on liberty and the failing of government-run schools. You can listen to the short 17-minute interview by clicking here. Here are a few of the key points I discussed: What our nation stands for – individual liberty – is being destroyed What we are seeing … Read More

Military Forced Vaccinations: Unfair Intimidation of Soldiers With “Mandated” Vaccinations

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The Pentagon has ordered that all our U.S. soldiers be vaccinated with Covid-19 shots. This is part of their focus on “politically correct” initiatives, not focusing on our military and national defense. Some 30% of the military do not want a vaccination. If a solider doesn’t want to risk a experimental drug with no long-term studies, they must. If it’s … Read More

Pastor John MacArthur: Church Gets $800,000 from Government for Tyrannical and Unconstitutional Assault in Unsuccessfully Shutting Down His Church – 4 Things You Should Know

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The health and medical establishment bureaucrats and socialist politicians heads are spinning as they must give pastor John MacArthur and his church, Grace Community Church $800,000. Here are 4 things you should know: 1. The state of California and Los Angeles County are rewarding MacArthur with $800,000 for their assault on John MacArthur, his church attendees and Christian rights. The … Read More

“None” Becomes Harvard University’s Head Chaplain…That’s a Sign of the Times

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Nones are the fastest-growing segment of America. Nones are also becoming the fastest-growing segment of voters…voting anti-family values and pro-socialists around 90% of the time. Nones are those who do not believe in Christianity…or any other religion. They are not Christian. They are not Jewish. They are not Hindu. They are not Buddhist. They are nothing. Their philosophy is, “You … Read More

Larry Elder National Spotlight: Open Letter to Those Who Want to Vote for a Different Candidate to Replace Gavin Newsom: 6 Critical Reasons Why Larry Over the Other 46 Candidates

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The entire nation is watching the California recall. But few know about the behind the scenes drama: California voters are being flooded with mailers, videos, social media, e-mails, TV and radio commercials and more viciously attacking Larry Elder. In fact, I’ve received a lot of e-mails and posts upset about my recommendation of Larry Elder for Governor of California…people upset … Read More

Special California Recall Alert for Christians

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The California recall election is a potential tsunami….crushing tyranny in California and across America. That’s what I just called it on a national interview…because this is an epic national election of historical significance. Below is my discussion of the election…and a powerful endorsement for one candidate…with Christian attorney Brad Dacus (Click HERE). Why should you watch it? First because what … Read More

Genocide Ahead! Taliban Hunting for Christians: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know [Video and What You Can Do]

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With the Taliban in control of Afghanistan, Christians are now being hunted down. Here are 7 things you should know, what you can do and a powerful must-see video from Franklin Graham. 1. The underground church and individual Christians are in danger for their lives. Christians are fleeing in Afghanistan. If they live in the city, they are fleeing to the … Read More

The Fight Against Forced Masking of Kids – Must See 4 Videos on How Masking Kids is Child Abuse

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Across America kids are again being forced to wear masks in school. This is wrong. It should be voluntary. And for those pushing masks, it’s all about control, not science, data or truth. Watch these 4 powerful, short videos: Doctor tells the truth to a silent school board. Here is a clear, scientific video – about 6-minutes long from Dr. Dan … Read More

Finally…A Special Note to Those Who Feel Overwhelmed or Like Giving Up or Never Voting Again

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A special note to those who feel overwhelmed or like giving up or never voting again. I just did an interview with Bill Martinez I sent out as a special interview. In it, I talked about the feeling of defeat and hopelessness…and a solution to our huge problems today. Listen to the interview…then listen to Bill and myself discuss the … Read More

“Socialism, Bureaucracy and the Deep State: 7 Disturbing Threats to Economic Freedom, Individual Liberty and The American Dream”

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The growing Biden war on individual liberty and economic freedom has a secret army. And that army is the bureaucracy. At FreedomFest in South Dakota, I spoke on Socialism, Bureaucracy and the Deep State: 7 Disturbing Threats to Economic Freedom, Individual Liberty and The American Dream. I outlined what is happening behind the scenes in government today. I explained how … Read More

Ballot Harvesting Corruption in California Begins. I Warned Larry Elder. Now It’s Happening. [Shocking, Disturbing Video of Election Fraud Before Your Very Eyes]

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I warned Larry Elder that ballot harvesting could destroy the California recall election. The two of us were on stage together at FreedomFest before 2,400 people. I told them what ballot harvesting was and why it’s so insidious. It has begun in California. Here are five things you should know: #1. Ballot Harvesting, Voter Fraud Has Begun Here is a … Read More

I Shocked the Host, Stunned the Audience: What Biden’s Justice Department Just Did is Injustice [Radio/Podcast]

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I shocked the host. I stunned the listeners. I’ll surprise you with the latest outrageous moves by the Biden Department of Justice against fair and honest elections. Here is a quick summary of the interview. Click HERE to listen. The pro-Socialist, politicized ideologues in the Department of Justice (DOJ) have now declared war on election integrity The DOJ is being … Read More

The War on Truth and Freedom: Shocking Revelations of What Biden’s Bureaucracy is Doing and How to Turn This Around [Powerful Interview with Craig Huey – What the Media Isn’t Telling You]

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I just told a stunned national audience about a new war on honest elections and the ultimate answer to turn this around. The shocking details of how President Biden is abusing his power for partisan self-interest is disturbing and something most people don’t know. But there is hope. Listen to this interview HERE. A few of the key points I … Read More

California Recall Election Recommendation

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I wanted to let you know that you can view our recommendation for the California Recall election. This recall has national implications and interest. For readers outside of California, this will give you insight on what is happening plus an opportunity to send it to any friends or family that you have in California. And for our California readers, this … Read More

Forced Vaccination and Mask Fear? Two Ways Any Student, Worker or Government/Military Personnel Can Legally Say No [Powerful Podcast/Video]

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Across America, millions of people are afraid…they don’t know what to do. The politicians, media and health bureaucrats say they must get vaccinated But many do not want to get it. Many don’t want to wear a mask…or have their kids wearing a mask. I just did a powerful 46-minute video/podcast with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute that … Read More

Gavin Newsom is in Big Trouble: Everything You Should Know About the Recall [Video]

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I just got off of a tv interview on the recall election. I think you will find the interview different than what you are hearing in the biased media…. In fact, you will find some interesting facts you just won’t hear anywhere else. This has become a national campaign. Money, nationally, is going to Gavin Newsom. Volunteers and paid workers … Read More

Must See Video: What Every Christian Must Know Before They Ever Vote – Church Ballot Harvesting, Revival, and Much More

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I was just interviewed by Jason Yates with My Faith Votes. You can watch it HERE. You’ll love our discussion of the Christian mission to pray, think Biblically and vote consistently based on a Christian worldview. We discuss how a Christian should vote. What the key non-negotiables are for Christians to determine who to vote for…and against. Plus you’ll learn new … Read More

Update: The Department of Justice Declares War on Honest Elections: 7 Things Every Reality Alert American Should Know

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The Attorney General Merrick Garland forewarned America that he was creating a special division to target those states who are doing voter election reform to prevent voter fraud…and those states that are or thinking about auditing the election returns. Now, he’s accelerated the war on election integrity in a historic and dangerous way. #1. Across America, states are now revising … Read More

FreedomFest 2021: America’s Leading Advocates for Freedom Create a Roadmap for Political and Economic Transformation

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I just got back from FreedomFest 2021 in South Dakota. What a great conference. It was so great seeing so many subscribers and having them say hello to me. I’ve been to every FreedomFest as a speaker since it began and this time I gave three talks. But I was just one of over 250 speakers who had a roadmap … Read More

The Olympics: God and Gospel Proclaimed

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The Olympics are suffering as so few people are following it as compared to the past.   My wife and I have ignored this year’s Olympics. We are tired of the politics and anti-American display by some of the athletes. I’ve been to the Summer Olympics and watched it on tv in the past…and loved it. But not now. My … Read More

The Entitlement State: Trillions Not Just for Government Programs, but for Expanding the Bureaucracy and Statism – 4 Disturbing Reasons You Should Know

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Over the years, there have been periods of time in which government has expanded greatly. This has resulted in higher taxes, regulations that crush business, inflation – the most immoral tax ever – from overspending, and the creation of more government employees and bureaucrats that have no accountability. On the surface, these programs look good. On the surface, they appear … Read More

Forced Vaccinations: Despite the Politicians/Bureaucrats Fearmongering, Americans Are Fighting Back and Winning – 3 Facts About the Historic Struggle to Destroy Freedom of Choice [Action Request]

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Across America, both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are standing up to the pro-socialist collectivists who want to force everyone to get the COVID vaccination…or be treated like second class citizens marginalized and discriminated against. Here are 3 things you should know: #1. About 56 % of the U.S. population has received one of the COVID-19 vaccinations. In addition, millions … Read More

Supreme Court Caves: Fails to Protect Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience – 5 Things You Should Know

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#1. In America, no one should be forced to violate their conscience by requiring them to express a message, embrace an idea or celebrate an event they disagree with. The state court had branded florist Barronelle Stutzman a “discriminator” and ordered her to attend, facilitate and create custom floral art celebrating all marriages or none. Stutzman had argued that her … Read More

Hidden Shocking Epidemic: Sex Change Being Pushed on Young Girls and Boys [Video]

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There is a hidden and shocking epidemic across America few know about…a historic transgender spike among the young. It’s shocking and disturbing that students in college, high school, middle school and even elementary school have suddenly, and in great numbers, begun to move towards transgenderism. How did this happen? What are the causes and what can be done? Across America, … Read More

Finally, the Faith of Ronald Reagan: Speaking the Truth About Jesus Christ in the Bible Without Shame and With Courage

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President Ronald Reagan never shied away from talking about his faith in Jesus Christ. I have shared this video a couple of times in the past – long-term readers may remember it. But everyone should see it again. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must. It’s a powerful tribute to the former President…produced by Bel-Air Presbyterian Church – the … Read More

Your Pastor and Your Church Survey

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To better understand the impact of the government-dictated church shut down, could you please fill out this short survey? We will publish the results and send you an advanced copy. We will analyze the results for the TV, radio, and podcast interview that Craig Huey will be doing and we will send out a press release to all the media. … Read More

Media Escalates Attack on Christians: The Latest Biased Attack Seen by Millions [See Example of Biased TV Report]

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Across the United States, those who watch video reports on social media or get Apple News or rely on the news feeds from Facebook or Google, are being lied to or misled often by a direct assault on Christianity. Often the attack is to take a news item and then use it to slander Christians in an unbalanced and unfair … Read More

How Radical Groups Get Their Funding – Millions of Dollars to Change America for the Worst

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Across America, the corporations, entertainment industry, and foundations have been funding radical, pro-Socialist, anti-Christian organizations. Many of these are Marxist – even violent – organizations. Take for example the latest move by the Los Angeles Super Bowl host committee. The NFL shocked America and sports fans a few years ago. We wrote about how they established a “social justice” program … Read More

Mandating Vaccine: What to Do if You Want To Legally Opt-Out For School or Business of Forced Vaccinations [My Audio Interview with Attorney Brad Dacus]

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I recently sat down and discussed forced COVID-19 vaccinations and how people are legally opting out with attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. Brad Dacus is the head of an organization that has been a warrior in defending liberty and rights including being at the forefront of opening the churches when they have been unconstitutionally closed. Today, millions … Read More

Ideological Bureaucrats of the Department of Justice: A War on Election Integrity

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The Department of Justice has declared a new war. Not against criminals – but against having fair and honest elections. They have filed a lawsuit against Georgia’s election reform that greatly and dramatically reduces the potential of voter fraud. Throughout America, states are tightening election integrity laws, and this is the Biden Administration’s effort to stop it. “The right of … Read More

Guilty Just for Existing: The Shocking Problem with Critical Race Theory [Video]

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All white Americans are oppressors. All black Americans are victims. White Americans are inherently racist. They always have been and they always will be… and there’s nothing they can do about it. They must therefore accept their systemic racism and admit that they have unequal opportunities and privileges that blacks have never had, do not now have, and never will … Read More

Threats to Economic Freedom, Individual Liberty and The American Dream

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I’d like to invite you to join me at FreedomFest – the #1 conference of 2021. I’ll be giving these three talks: 1. “Socialism, Bureaucracy and the Deep State: 7 Disturbing Threats to Economic Freedom, Individual Liberty and The American Dream” 2. “Election Integrity: Securing the Sanctity of the Ballot Box” with John Fund, Larry Elder and Arnold Steinberg And for business … Read More

Media Bias on Steroids: Golfing During a Crisis is Either Criminal or a Fun Recreational Activity Depending on Who is President

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When Donald Trump was President of the United States, he was criticized, vilified, demonized and declared unfit for office whenever he went golfing – especially if he did so during a time declared by the news media to be a “crisis.” How standards of acceptable presidential behavior have changed since Joe Biden became president. Here is a sampling of news … Read More

Finally, everyone – including your friends and family – should listen to this short video that explains the history behind the Star-Spangled Banner, our national anthem

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As the song is under intense attack to ban it, not playing it at sports events, athletes turning their backs when it’s played, and a ‘cancel culture’ war on the song, this video is important. Most people never learned this historical fact…or American history…to know how precious our freedom and country is. The video “Star-Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard … Read More

Inflation: The Most Immoral Tax – Everything You Need to Know on What Causes It, What is Going to Happen in the Months Ahead, and How You Can Protect Yourself [Podcast]

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I just got off an intense, concise interview with podcaster Jerry Cirino. He wanted to know about the rising prices – prices we all have seen – but the government says don’t worry about. We discussed what we can expect ahead for inflation, what history shows us, what the cause is, and how to stop it. In this clear, actionable … Read More

“A Game Changer” – 6 Shocking Things You Should Know About Transforming the 2022 Election into a Pro-Socialist Tsunami [Letter from the Dark Side]

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Conventional wisdom is wrong. The conventional wisdom is that the failures of the pro-socialist Democrats’ policies in Washington and in Blue States/Cities have been so great and damaging that it’s only common sense that the House and Senate will turn more conservative or libertarian in 2022. Because of the epic failure in the economy, foreign affairs, public safety and more … Read More

Two Kinds of Drought in America: What Every Christian Should Know

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Right now, America is experiencing another cycle of drought. Here are four things you should know: 1. Over history, the western United States has experienced drought. It’s not something new. It’s not something novel. It’s not caused by global warming. It’s part of the reality of life. Some will politicize it, but it’s up to people to understand that where … Read More

Finally: Wise Insight from a Founding Father

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“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” That quote is from John Adams, one of our country’s founding fathers and the 2nd President of the United … Read More

IRS War on Christians: 5 Disturbing Things Every Christian Should Know [Petition to Protect Christians – Sign Now]

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The IRS is politicized… and an ideological bureaucracy has declared war on Christians. Here are 5 disturbing things you should know: 1. The attack has begun. President Biden is now allowing the IRS to target Christian groups. As you’ll see below, this is similar to what happened under President Obama, who weaponized the IRS to go after his political opponents. … Read More

How Christians Can Change Impossible Political Situations: Craig’s Interview and Shelly’s Interview (Broadcast Interview with Bill Martinez)

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I just left the National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention in Dallas, Texas. I’ll soon be telling you about some of the unique podcasts I created that you will want to listen to. But while there, Bill Martinez on his nationally-syndicated broadcast to over 300 stations, interviewed my wife, Shelly, and then interviewed me. Below are the links. I hope you will … Read More

Internet Explodes as Teen Influencer with 26 Million Followers Declares That Abortion Kills

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Naim Darrechi is only 19. He is a musician, and he is a Spanish Tik-Tok influencer. In fact, he’s one of the largest with 26 million followers. They shook up his followers and the Internet with a powerful statement: “An abortion is interrupting a life,” Darrechi said on video, addressing his 26 million followers. “When a woman is pregnant, if … Read More

Transforming America: Purging Conservatives, Libertarians and Christians From the Military [Video]

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President Biden has appointed radical, pro-Socialists bureaucrats across the entire federal bureaucracy. And that includes the Pentagon. And it’s ultimate goal is a “cleansing” of the military from conservatives, libertarians and Christians. And the recruiting of “social justice” pro-Socialist military. A dangerous effort that is currently underway at the Pentagon This is not just the woke military stuff you have … Read More

The Cancel Culture: Blueprint to End Freedom of Speech in America [Video]

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It’s the most blatant and despicable form of mind and thought control. Anything from the past or the present that differs from the worldview of the radical pro-socialist media, politicians and bureaucrats must be erased – canceled. Nothing can be considered or understood within its historical context. None of the mistakes from our nation’s past can be used as teaching … Read More

7 Things They Want to Do to “Domestic Terrorists” – Including You

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“Domestic terrorist”…are you one? I’ve been told I’m one. But no one using this derogatory term ever defines it. For example, “Domestic terrorism” by Joe Biden’s top national security team is America’s #1 threat. But they haven’t yet defined what a “domestic terrorist” is… The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has set as its priority to go after “Domestic Terrorist” … Read More

How Big Government is Destroying Individual Freedom and Religious Protections [Craig Interview on Coercive Government]

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I just got off the airwaves with Pat Miller where we talk about how the coercive power of government is impacting you and your family. You can listen to it here. It’s about 7-minutes long. Click HERE. Here are a few things we discussed: A dangerous bill: H.R. 1 federalizes elections in America – it takes away the states’ rights and … Read More

The Christian Vote, Ballot Harvesting and Caitlyn Jenner – My Explosive Interview with Sharron Angle [Video]

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I just got off my tv/podcast interview with Governor Sharron Angle. You watch the interview HERE. Some of the key highlights included: The Recall and Caitlyn Jenner  Over two million people signed a petition to recall the governor of California This governor has had the biggest failure in lockdowns, he has closed businesses forever, and has attacked churches He has … Read More

Time to be Part of Turning America Around: Why You Should Come to America’s #1 Conference on Alternatives to Socialism and Solutions for America Today [My 3 Talks…and Meeting You]

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You can be part of the #1 conference in America to provide alternatives to socialism and failed government policies. I’ll be speaking along with some 200 other economists, politicians, investment advisors and more at FreedomFest. This year FreedomFest is being held in South Dakota, near Mt. Rushmore. You’ll love coming. I’ll be speaking on: 1. “Socialism, Bureaucracy and the Deep State: … Read More

Dr. Fauci’s Big Lie is Crumbling: The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up Exposed [Powerful Video Destroys False Narrative]

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Dr. Fauci has lied to Americans. As I’m outlining this for a clear, concise expose of three damaging, destructive lies, the Wuhan Lab cover-up is all of a sudden exploding in the news. Since the start of the pandemic last year, this is what I outlined happened – the source is a lab! The secret virology lab is experimenting in … Read More

LGBT Brainwashing of Children Escalates: 4 Disturbing Examples Showing the Urgent Need for Christians to Teach Truth to Your Kids and Grandkids [Video]

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The LGBT brainwashing and exploitation of children continues to escalate. Here are 4 disturbing examples showing how kids are being brainwashed that the LGBT lifestyle is a moral good that should be applauded, promoted and experimented with…and 4 ways churches, pastors, and grandparents are responding. The media has long been an advocate for LGBT acceptances among adults, but now it’s … Read More

Fathers Matter. Marriage Matters: The Urgent Need [Video]

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More than 19.7 million American children do not have a father in their home. But fatherhood is crucial to the successful and balanced upbringing of children. Fatherhood also has direct implications on the long-term health of society…something that is usually overlooked. As the media, culture and government bureaucrats and schools sell the idea of sex without consequences to young children, … Read More