Overwhelmed? “Obey My Voice” [Powerful 7-Minute Video on Surviving Circumstances in Your Life]

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Watch this video. Its powerful truths will stun and encourage you.

We can all feel overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control.

  • Family and Kids
  • Business and Work
  • Bills and Inflation
  • Chaotic Politics and Cultural Turmoil
  • Health and Wellness

The key to overcoming your circumstances is hearing and obeying God’s voice.

Without God’s voice in this chaotic and troubling world, you would have nothing to help guide you and get you through.

No hope, only eventual destruction.

With so many voices competing for your attention, God wants to be your voice direction and comfort.

Based on Romans 12:1-2, this short 7-minute video is something you’ll want to share and see again.

Click HERE to view it.

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