What? Prayer on MSNBC? [Viral Video]

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Millions of MSNBC viewers were stunned, shocked, and many were very upset.


Pastor T.D. Jakes prayed… on the air!

The socialists/Democrat network was completely surprised when MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin asked – yes asked – Pastor Jakes to pray for the world regarding the storm of the China Coronavirus pandemic.

It was spontaneous and unscripted.

The clip of this amazing scene has gone viral…

Melvin said on the air to Jakes:

“Bishop, um… 30 seconds, for folks who weren’t able to get to church uh, yesterday – I’ve never actually done this on the air – um… can you lead us in prayer for 30 seconds?”

Pastor Jakes then offered a prayer of humility and supplication to the Father, recognizing that we as humans “are not competent in and of ourselves,” that we need His help, to get us through this “global calamity.”

Watch the viral video here.

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6 Comments on “What? Prayer on MSNBC? [Viral Video]”

  1. That was awesome! Truly a moment of watching the Holy Spirit at work. And on MSNBC. Praise the Lord!

  2. If stones can cry out and the lips of babes praise the Lord then I guess even MSNBC can be ordained to have a prayer said. Wouldn’t it be something if CNN provided a two-fer?

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