Pandemic Evangelism: Using Digital Strategies to Spread the Gospel [3 Things You Should Know]

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And this has opened a powerful opportunity for people to be told about the hope of the good news of Jesus Christ: to repent, ask for forgiveness of their sins and accept Christ as their personal savior.

And one of the best ways to reach people is with digital advertising.

Global Media Outreach (GMO) has a new, powerful digital campaign.

Here are 3 things you should know:

  1. Powerful outreach in its test campaign.

GMO expects to connect with 150 million Americans and see 30 million decisions for Christ. In October, 83, 699 individuals interacted with a “Something Better” webpage. Of those, 17, 186 people said “yes” to Jesus, and almost 2,000 people expressed interest in connecting with one of GMO’s 3,500 online missionaries to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

  1. Unique Gospel Presentation.

The new campaign of Global Media Outreach combines the Gospel message with photos depicting a first century Jesus interacting with 21st century people via multiple topical websites, cellphone networks, Google, the internet, and social media. Since the COVID pandemic hit, GMO has seen a steady increase in Google searches about fears around the virus, uncertain finances, anxiety and discouragement…and of course suicide, depression, addiction and more.

  1. Young people are being reached – many for the first time – by hearing the gospel and Biblical truth.

Those who make up Gen Y and Gen Z are a prime audience.

The campaign is also attracting “the young demographic,” particularly those who make up Gen Y and Gen Z. The pandemic has prompted people to ask questions and search for the meaning of life like never before.

The work of GMO outreach mission goes back to 2004-2005. I loved their work then, and talked about how great their efforts were in reaching the unreachable, presenting the gospel and then connecting people to a local church.

Since then they have made over 2.5 billion online gospel presentations.

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