Must See! New Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.

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Shelly and I were just in Washington D.C. and had an opportunity to visit the new Museum of the Bible while we were there. It opened last week.


The archeological proof of the reliability and accuracy of the Biblical texts is evident in the many ancient artifacts and manuscripts from antiquity, and their explanations, which were very professionally presented.

One section of the museum is dedicated to presenting the Scripture passages which are hidden on many of the monuments in Washington D.C. …. which the National Park Service prohibits its tour guides from mentioning to the public.

Another room is filled with historical information about the Bible and its various translations, including the persecutions against Christians which have taken place.

We spent over 5 hours at the museum, and we still have much more to discover. It’s big…and very impressive…

It wasn’t created as I would do it…. I would have a museum focusing on the cross of Christ, His resurrection and His second coming.

This museum focuses on the Bible….and of course, the Christ of the Bible.

It has a great restaurant called Manna – specializing in Middle Eastern food…

In their theater, they have a professional performance of the play, “Amazing Grace.”

Absolutely a must see!


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2 Comments on “Must See! New Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.”

  1. it’s a great addition to DC and hopefully a stop for many millions of people that need to hear that the Bible is true.

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