I Illegally Went to Church on Sunday: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Craig Huey & Pastor Jack Hibbs

It was illegal, but my wife and I went to church anyway.

Would we be arrested?

Would we be fined?

Would we be intimidated?

These were a few of the concerns as we went to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Church service.

We also went to a live service in Tennessee about 4 weeks ago. 

But, in some states, including California, this church service would not be legal.

Sadly, the service was illegal, as declared by the governor of California imposing limits on church reopening.

Here are 7 things you should know:

  1.  Pastor Jack Hibbs…plus over 1,500 other churches in California…illegally opened their doors to all who would come and worship.   

None of the churches or attendees experienced harassment or interference by police or bureaucrats.

  1. The church was packed out.  The pastor had “social distancing” in the church, and had sanitation stations, along with sanitizing the church between services. 

Masks were optional…and, less than 5% [of those attending] wore masks.

The people had choices:  online, in the car, on the patio, in the grass, and large classrooms, along with the main sanctuary.

It was an awesome time of worship, time in the Word, and a powerful call of repentance and accepting Christ as your personal savior…and hundred’s came to salvation.

  1. Pastor Jack stood firm for the gospel and truth – not backing down in the fear of man.

Pastor Jack provided leadership and example for pastors nationwide to do what is right and just- for the church to be a church.

Jack wants no credit, but I ask for prayer as his biggest critics were pastors afraid to stand firm but wanting to bow to the easy road of allowing the government to interfere with God’s Word.

  1.  The state says the church is not essential. 

The politicians and bureaucrats view the church as irrelevant at best, or, a political obstacle at worst.

Businesses by government coercion were declared essential or non-essential. 

But the church is not ordained by government.  It transcends government and regulation/control by man.  That is why the first amendment to the constitution was put in place by the founding fathers to protect people of faith from government interference.

Christ opened the door for the church over 2000 years ago, and it is not closing until Christ comes back.

  1. Many in the service were from other churches…over half of them because their churches were closed.

Pastor Jack pointed out that some come to church as a habit, not a love for Jesus.  That habit has been broken and they will not return.

  1. Pastor Jack was not disobedient of Romans 13.

He was putting Christ and obedience to God above obeying man – Acts 5:29

For a full discussion of this see my article, Should Christians and Pastors Obey or Disobey Unfair Laws (Romans 13  and Shutting Down Churches).

  1. The people who came rejoiced.  There were tears of joy at God’s word and the worship.

There were people praying for one another – so badly needed now.  There were people talking. And, loving. And, sharing. 

It was awesome.

The large banner hanging in the church read, Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere – Psalm 84:10

I am glad to have come to this historic service. 

If your church has not opened yet, it is time.

What do you think?  Email me Craig@ElectionForum.org.

10 Comments on “I Illegally Went to Church on Sunday: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know”

  1. I considered attending pastor Jack’s service, but found out that Pastor Greg Laurie was opening all Harvest locations on the same Sunday. OC Harvest is closer to home for me, so i attended the service and was so blessed! I ended up in the parking garage location, but the seats were comfortable, the worship was beautiful, and the message was encouraging! I reserved a seat for this coming Sunday!! I am so thankful for brave pastors such as Greg and Jack, who follow God’s leading!!

  2. It was such a blessing to be back on the grounds at our home church, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Pastor Jack confirmed something I had been sensing, that he was not comfortable closing the church doors from the very beginning. He said, “I felt like I’ve been sinning by closing the church doors.” I just knew he was uncomfortable with his decision, but I know he wanted to do his best to honor our President’s request in the beginning. I loved his point about the church not being deemed either ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’. He said the church is not a business and the church transcends ‘essential or non-essential’.

  3. That’s seems to be the biggest divide in the Church …that it is divided…Let’s not point fingers when we’re praying for unity…amongst God’s people. We are all the body. We are not of Paul, we are not of Apollo, we are of God to be led by the Spirit. I live less than a mile from CCCH but that’s not where God has led me to attend. I attend another CC and I stand with my Pastor and the way God will lead him…God has lead him for 40 years. My Pastor has always waited upon the LORD and we will open…Let’s praise God that He is opening the Churches and remember that some are called like Paul to preach to the Gentiles and some like Peter to.preach to the Jews..our country is divided because our church is divided…we must encourage each other and love each other and not be puffed up or pat ourselves on the back. Thank You God for.Your sovereignty. We rejoice in You and pray You will unite our hearts with Yours Oh God and save Your people who are called by Your name.

    1. AMEN, Laura. Well said. I wish and pray that all Christians had your devotion to Jesus and His Church.

  4. All faith leaders and pastors should have done this from the beginning. I have made my position on this very clear to our pastor, to no avail. If a governor, mayor, or any other political figure, can close down churches because of a hoax, which is what I believe this shut down to be, they can do the same for any other made up “crisis”. And they will, no question. Our church had planned to open June 7th, but now is closed until “further notice”. Unfortunately, we have a very weak pastor, who accepted the call after the church had been without a pastor for 2 1/2 years, and most of the congregation were weary of that. We are very discouraged and are considering finding another congregation to worship with.

    1. Amen, Pat! Most of these pastors have NO BACKBONE!! These COVID-CHURCHES are part of the upcoming BEAST SYSTEM. Like the State-controlled churches in Communist countries. Like you, many are no longer going to these Apostate churches. One thing the LORD has done through this SCAM-DEMIC is to expose the true saint from the false, as well as, exposing the TRUE CHURCH from the FALSE ONE. The true pastors(shepards) from the whirling who runs when he sees the wolf coming!

  5. Balance, here, would be prudent. Yes, I’m wary when government issues edicts restricting church worship. For a pandemic whose scope is novel, maybe. Worship and fellowship were not banned, just physical gathering to protect lives as best as could be determined for a while. The buzzword “essential” is only being used to refer to what regards life and limb – I don’t think it was meant as a spiritual judgment, i.e., that our relationship with God and His family is not imperative for believers. Yes, we can remonstrate when government opens pubs and dance halls and not churches; then there is bias and hypocrisy that should concern us. Otherwise, let’s not test the Lord and risk fatalities that only puts churches in a bad light if our brothers and sisters in the Lord are harmed for the sake of our resistance to debatable, temporary laws. The Bible (and the First Amendment), yes! Foolhardiness, no.

    1. Rick, it seems to me that you don’t trust God for His protection. How sad for you and many other “lukewarm” Christians, as Revelation says. You need to open your spiritual eyes and study other governments down through the ages. Read Hebrews 10:25—“not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together (unless the government tells us we can’t), as is the manner of some (such as Rick), but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” Yes, worship and fellowship WERE BANNED. And who makes the decision of what is essential or not essential, hmmm? Please think THROUGH this issue.

      1. You misread me on multiple levels. 1) It’s not a matter of not trusting God, but of not tempting Him (huge difference!). 2) You have judged me as lukewarm without knowing the facts or me (a violation of Scripture). I would burn at the stake for Jesus Christ (and I have been arrested for His sake before). Would you consider me only “lukewarm” then? 3) As to Hebrews 10:25, Christians can assemble virtually in a crisis. Would you insist on going physically to church in a hurricane, or would you “disobey” Scripture? Maybe you should read Romans 13:1-2 and take seriously the condemnation stated (I know this is conditional, but you’d better have an airtight justification to oppose God’s ordinance).. 4) Worship and fellowship were NOT banned, only physical proximity. Would you fellowship inches away from someone with bubonic plague? Get real. 5) “Essential” was only used in one narrow sense (re-read my statement). Maybe YOU need to think through the issues again. Your illogic is showing (and maybe even rebellious spirit, but I won’t judge you here).

  6. All comments interesting.On a different subject sort of- my husband has had several health crises and doctors handle them in different ways like pastors. The doctors with compassion have stayed open to treat patients in health needs. Those that bow to the government have sent us to the Emergency Room because doctors offices and scheduled surgeries are called non-essential
    ??? Doctors know one with diabetes can die from an infected toe or a nosebleed caused by high blood pressure but we get sent back to ER when calling and Er treats and says go to your specialist tomorrow and specialist office is closed because of virus patients needing all the services but we were almost alone in the ER. It all defies logic. God directed us to those that knew doctors still treating patients in their offices. This virus lockdown is not compassion it is cruel. Small businesses are closing, chosen restaurants are flourishing. Yes protect from the viruses but…?

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