Paul: Apostle of Christ: “Dedicated to the Persecuted Church” [Video]

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At the end of the movie, Paul: Apostle of Christ, that striking statement helped put into context a story about:

  • the last days of the life of Paul in Rome
  • how Luke helped write Paul’s letters to various churches
  • how Paul’s message of grace and mercy spread throughout the Roman empire
  • how the persecution of Christians by the Roman empire was carried out

The Roman emperors tortured and killed Christians in a variety of ways:

  • crucifixion
  • turning them into human torches to provide light at night in Rome
  • clothing them in the hides of animals and allowing them to be torn to death by wild dogs in the Coliseum – called the circus

The persecution of first century Christians is depicted very powerfully in the movie … I encourage everyone to see it.

In some ways the movie moves slowly, but the content is so profound … you’d probably need to see it two or three times to take it all in…

“Where sin abounds, grace abounds more…”
~ Paul, in the movie (paraphrase of Romans 5:20)

See it!

Let me know what you think…

Watch the official trailer for Paul: Apostle of Christ here:


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2 Comments on “Paul: Apostle of Christ: “Dedicated to the Persecuted Church” [Video]”

  1. I saw it last night and I have to agree with what you said. It made so much of Acts come alive. I saw Luke as a real person and not just a name that I have read over and over.

  2. I liked how clearly Christian mercy and love for everyone even our enemies was displayed.
    It was a powerful scene where Luke told the Christians who are about to be tossed to the wild dogs it will hurt for a little while but after that it is going to be so wonderful! It reminded me of Saint Paul’s words, the suffering of this present age can’t be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us!
    This wasn’t one of those typical cheesy melodramatic Christian movies. I hope it does well at the box office so that Sony Pictures produces more of them!

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