REALITY ALERT — Top 10 Videos of 2022

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10. Tim Tebow on How to Be Grateful During Tough Times [Powerful Must-See Video]

9. You Should Watch This Pastor Standing Strong, and Calling Out Pastors Who Are Silent: Pastor Brings Fiery Passion and Truth to The School Board, Parents, Christians, and Pastors [Must-See Video]

8. Mom Stands Up to School Board: You’re Groomers — Stop Inviting Our Kids to Drag Queen Shows [2 Must-See Videos]

7. Shocking Revelation: Respected Cardiologist Calls for Suspending All COVID Vaccinations After Study Shows Its Harming People’s Hearts [4 Things You Should Know, Video]

6. I Sing Jesus [Video]

5. Why Nancy Pelosi’s Flight Being Shot Down by Communist China Was a Real Threat: The Last Time the Communists killed a Congressman on a Jet. 7 Things You Should Know That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else [Shocking Video — Disturbing Story]

4. FBI Arrest: Pro-Life Christian Leader Faces 11 Years in Prison — Shocking Facts Every American Should Know [Video]

3. Don’t Be Fooled by Slate Mailings [Video]

2. 3 Things Every Christian Should Know – 35,000 Feet Miracle: And All Hell Breaks Loose [Must Watch Video with 38 Million Views]

1. The Underground Church “One of the Key Lessons, It Teaches Us” [Powerful Must-See Video]

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