Warning: New Bible distortion of truth

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What does God require of you?

To do justly.  To love mercy.  To walk humbly before your God. (  )

The word speaks to us as individuals… not advocating government policy.

But the liberals at Soujourners wanted to push their socialist/liberal economic agenda onto the Christian community.

So, they created a new bible, the Poverty and Justice Bible. It highlights verses it wants emphasized.

The goal: to push a government control, socialist, liberal progressive agenda.

They want bigger government intervention and more central government, under the pretense of helping the poor.

The Bible gives us an individual mandate to help the poor.  Voluntary free-will giving and charity.

Not a formula for government intervention.  Not forced taxation.  Not involuntary income redistribution.

The Bible speaks of justice… but as Pastor Matthew Barnettt points out here in this powerful video, social transformation is key.

There is no Bible verse that says it’s “just” to force money from one person to give it to another—in fact that is condemned as stealing.

There is no verse that says it’s “just” to involuntarily redistribute income – that is also stealing.

There is no verse that says it’s “just” to have government choose winners and losers – that is stealing.

The Bible clearly shows that helping the poor is voluntary and individual.

And with the love of Christ help the broken and hurting.

In a free economy, God’s “invisible hand” produces wealth as economic growth raises the standard of living of everyone, including the poor.

Man’s government intervention in the economy creates economic stagnation or declinesdependency, poverty and is common where the force of the government is used to create “equality.”

The history of mankind is the failure of centralized government planning. It not only destroys economic hope, it leads to loss of freedom, corruption and the death of millions caused from government officials and leaders.

Real justice, justice in the Bible is about equality before the law.  Leviticus 19:15 says:

“You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly.”

The word of God is clear about money as an idol and its misuse.  But its focus is on an individual’s response and use of money.

Recommendation: Don’t give this new Bible to anyone.