Top 10 examples of government waste in 2013

Craig HueyArticles, Reality Alert

1. Government employee trip to luxury hotel in the Caribbean: Priceless. Federal employees used taxpayer’s money to go on a trip to the Buccaneer Hotel in St. Croix. The final cost is hard to come by because the bill was divided by many agencies.

2. Artwork for Veterans Affairs offices: $562,000

3. Seven-figure stack of rocks at London Embassy: $1 million

4. Monitoring depression on Twitter: $82,000

5. Booze and crystal for the State Department: $5.4 million

6. Study to find out if couples are happier when the woman calms down after an argument: $335,525

7. Grant for a company that dreams of making pizza from a 3-D printer: $124,995

8. Grant for a pole dancing performance: $10,000 (Utility poles)

9. A bus stop with heated pavement for the Washington area: $1 million

10. Outhouse in Alaska: $10 million

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