Stunning: Congressional hearing on Christian persecution–must-see videos

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Washington acts on behalf on Christians


Little is said today of the genocide and persecution of thousands of Christians–in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The media is silent.

The president is silent.

The press is silent.

Finally, this week we saw a first-of-its kind…a congressional hearing.

See these three short, must-see videos to find out what’s happening to our brothers and sisters in Christ now-today!

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and others hold hearing on persecution.

Congressional hearing: Overview.

Liberal is infuriated…rants about global attacks on Christians.

What do you think of the hearing? Email me at

Prayer Point: Pray that more hearings and events like this one will take place to bring attention to persecution and more can be done to help put a stop to it.

37 Comments on “Stunning: Congressional hearing on Christian persecution–must-see videos”

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