Schools and churches: the culture war escalates

Craig HueyArticles, Reality Alert

In an effort to marginalize and abolish all references to Christianity, across America, church and schools are under attack if there is any cooperation between the two.

Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos, Ca is the latest victim.

For the past two years, Los Alamitos Unified School District’s two middle schools have held their combined graduation ceremony in the large auditorium at Cottonwood Church.

School choirs have also used the nearly 100,000 square-foot auditorium, which has theatrical lighting and modern audio/visual capabilities.

One middle school parent and the atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation cited a recent Illinois federal appeals court ruling, DOE v. Elmbrook, which found that holding a graduation at a church counts as an endorsement of that faith. That case has been appealed to the Supreme Court.

Los Alamitos must either fight this, which could be really expensive, or cave.

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