Outrage: Waste and Corruption—Obamacare has already cost more than $2 billion, but the bill is still growing

Craig HueyArticles, Reality Alert

   It has now cost $2.1 billion and it keeps growing because they have not fixed it.

   I have an ad agency.

   And we build websites.

   Great ones. Ones that work. Ones that are done right and on time.

   And I can’t imagine ever how the Obamacare website could be so costly.

   What an account that would be nice to have, right?

   I can’t imagine fixing a website costing millions to fix, but billions?

   $2.1 billion—that’s billion, not thousands. Or even millions. Billions!

   $2.1 Billion.

   It’s mind boggling.

   It’s a typical bureaucratic rip-off.

   It’s out of control, no accountability.


   It’s not fixed yet.

   It’s still incomplete.

   It’s still not secure.

   No one fired. No one cares.

   Watch this video for a great overview of the corruption and incompetence:

   Click here for the video.

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