A Man Named ‘Clint’

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As far as anyone can tell, there are no ‘evil’ people running for a seat on the Torrance City Council during this election cycle. There are, however, many good ones.

Submitted for your consideration, a man named Clint Andrew Paulson.

Concerned citizen; statesman:

“I am not accepting money from anyone in support of my campaign. I am not a wealthy man. My family lives on a tight budget and we have little to spare. Nevertheless, I am willing to sacrifice a significant portion of our hard earned savings on this campaign because I think it is that important to give the voters a choice to vote for someone that they can trust will not have to answer to special interests or other groups cutting them the checks.”

A family man: three biological children; one adopted son; one loving wife and a passion for honesty:

“Special interests are pouring a lot of money into this campaign in an effort to stack the deck with those they know will support their positions. While it may be good for special interests that have the money to spend, it’s not good for the people of Torrance. That’s politics. I get that’s how the world works now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m making a stand against money in politics and I hope you will join with me by supporting my campaign. Help me prove you don’t need to take a bunch of money from special interest groups to win an election.”

Party affiliation?

“I am not registered with any political party. I believe partisan politics is a leading contributor to much of the dysfunction we see in government today. I also believe my views do not nicely fit into one particular camp. I am a more complicated person than that. I also oppose the corrupting influence of money in politics and I believe the party system contributes significantly to that problem.”

But those are the words of the man when he is at the podium. What does he say when the spot lights have been turned off?

“No matter what happens in this election…I’ve met a lot of good people.”

The words above were offered with a humble smile, as though the experience of meeting neighbors has touched his heart. The notion being – like the lyrics of an old song – ‘Something good will come from this’.

But there is more:

This man named ‘Clint’ offers some of the most impressive credentials on the campaign trail: a Degree in Law earned from the prestigious College of William and Mary; a post-graduate Presidential Management Fellowship (a program to train future government leaders); graduation from the U.S. Air Force’s Squadron Officer School; a Graduate Certificate in Government Contracts (from UCLA); and several professional distinctions in Contracts Management.

“I am the only candidate running that is a certified expert in government procurement,” he says sheepishly (which translated into the vernacular means he has extensive experience in Federal and local contracts. Does that sound like a potential for income to the City of Torrance?) “Approving government contracts is a large percentage of the nuts and bolts of being on City Council.”

For an honest person seeking to serve the community, bragging about oneself is the second hardest task – one that for many candidates feels the most unnatural. Clint knows he ‘comes off’ appearing overly emotional. But it must be done: he wants his neighbors to know who he is; he wants voters to know what they are getting. He wants you to know that he cares.

But he’d rather discuss the issues:

“I can’t wait to engage with the community and discuss what can be done to move this great city forward.”

And what is the first hardest task for an honest person seeking to serve the community? Fund raising. Does he do any of that?

No. Well…yes!

“Instead of asking for your money to help…my campaign…I am asking that you please come to (the Family Promise) event and help a child get off the streets. Even if you have no inclination of supporting my campaign, please come anyway and help a cause that is truly worthwhile.”

If you look it up, you will learn that the Family Promise Charity – a local program that offers assistance to homeless families – is having a Fund Raising event on Saturday, May 31st, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. This event is being sponsored by the First Christian Church at 2930 El Dorado St. here in Torrance. There will be snacks, desserts and a performance by Dance 1. “All are welcome. Feel free to bring your friends.”

Clint has not been endorsed by the First Christian Church or the Family Promise program. “I just think it’s a better use of your money than purchasing bill boards for a political campaign.”

Well, what did you expect? ‘Public service means serving the public.’

And it just may as well mean a man like Clint.

Submitted for your consideration:
Husband; father; neighbor; concerned and capable citizen
Candidate for the Torrance City Council

Clint Andrew Paulson