New Liberal Assault: The Six Disturbing Steps to the Death Christian Colleges in America

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New Liberal Assault: The Six Disturbing Steps to the Death Christian Colleges in America

Under the radar of most Christians is the assault by the Left against Christian Colleges.

The Left not only wants everyone to accept LGBT moral standards, but force everyone who disagrees to accept them.

Currently, they are following a cunning, abusive process to destroy all Christian education, and they started their movement in California.

Here are the six steps that the Progressive Left is taking in their assault against Christian colleges:

  1. Force Disclosure of Title IX funding and students

Christian colleges must disclose their Title IX Exemptions. The US Department of Education now lists those colleges which claim the exemption, with the future intent of denying the exemptions. Without the exemptions, all Christian colleges would have to hire people to be professors, administrators, and other jobs who are homosexuals and transgendered individuals. In California, SB 1146 was finally passed out of the state legislature with the expressed goal of forcing colleges to report and publish extravagantly their Title IX exemption.

  1. Disclose Complaints of Discrimination

The colleges are being forced to disclose information regarding those who have filed complaints from students, employees, or staffs which allege discrimination based on their gender identity of sexual orientation. This will lead to expensive lawsuits and loss of student loans

  1. Loss of Title IX grants/Exemptions

As mentioned above, Christian colleges will be stripped of Title IX funding and grants. Students who receive scholarships would no longer be allowed to use their funding at a Christian college because of the school’s “culture of discrimination”.

  1. Expose Christian Colleges to lawsuits

Once the colleges lose the protections granted by Title IX exemptions, then the complaints and exposure will generate into expensive lawsuits against these colleges, on a massive scale. Can you imagine Christian colleges sued for discrimination, on the simply basis of enforcing their moral codes based on Biblical teaching? What’s worse, these colleges will likely lose the lawsuits. It will put them out of business.

  1. Loss of Tax Exemption Status

One of the larger schemes of the liberal agenda has been to strip Christian colleges (and churches) of their tax exemption status.

Many Christian organizations rely on donations as well as their tax exemption status in order to function from year to year.

This measure would all but force smaller Christian colleges throughout the country to close down and larger schools to struggle to stay open.

  1. Outlaw Christian Colleges Entirely

Beyond drying up their funding, the Left has worked very hard to criminalize freedom of speech and religion for a long time. Anything that they can do to prevent the teaching and Christian principles, the sharing the Word of God, and the proclaiming the Gospel.

The final step of aggressive, well-funded organizations like the Human Rights Campaign will end with outlawing Christian colleges entirely.

Twenty, even ten years ago, no one would have thought that there would be such a subtle yet subversive onslaught against religious liberty.

Now we are witnessing the slow dismantling of the First Amendment, which will kill Christian colleges and freedom of religion in America.

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4 Comments on “New Liberal Assault: The Six Disturbing Steps to the Death Christian Colleges in America”

  1. The sun is setting on our Nation and our Freedoms! The hope of the Church is to stand firm and do as Exekiel 22:30; a praying; trusting;faithful;and looking for his return followers can we see the promise of his return for we are overcomers as spoke in Rev. 3-5 chapters; Praise our Lord Jesus!

  2. Warren:

    The church will go by the wayside for the same reasons Christian Colleges will. They will use the churches tax-exempt status to shut them down.

    Churches should contact Chuck Baldwin to restructure their taxes in his Liberty movement to get out from governmental authority.

  3. Who expected these ugly days were coming.
    Abnormal things become our standard by satanic force.
    All we can do: Pray Hard and Fight the devil.

  4. We must, as Christians, also think about the fact that persecution purifies Gods people who are the/His church. Are we so dumbed down and blind to the fact that God says in His Word that persecution is a reality of His people! God allows it to purify us, make us stand strong in the faith, make us trust Him more, etc. Is not our great and good God still on His throne? The pastor of my church gave a great and mighy sermon a few months back on this very subject titled, “We Will Not Bow.” And, by Gods grace and power, I will not bow down or back down. To HIM be all power, glory, honor, and praise forever and forever. Amen………….

    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
    “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
    Matthew 5:1O-12 ESV

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