Israel, Obama and the media: Falsehoods

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Two lies you shouldn’t believe

President Obama has created a huge credibility problem among Israelis. They feel betrayed. They don’t trust him–or Secretary of State John Kerry.

The bottom line is that Israel’s existence is in danger.

The contrast between Israel and all of the other Middle East nations is night and day.

But the liberal media and liberal politicians highlight mostly manufactured human rights violations.

Israel is not perfect. But many of the complaints are unfounded or distorted.

In my last visit to Israel, I was disturbed and shocked by the radical nature of the Palestinian population wanting the destruction of Israel, not coexistence.

Here are 2 key falsehoods you should be aware of…

Falsehood #1: Give more land to the Palestinians. The result of this will be to fuel more violence and terrorism. The history of Israel giving back land to Palestinian control clearly results in more acts of terror, not less.

Falsehood #2: Palestinian statehood. This will simply result in another hostile country on Israel’s borders. It’s like setting up a new Iran next to Israel.

President Obama said, “It’s not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of her own, and lives with the presence of a foreign army that controls the movements of her parents every single day.”

This only fans the flames of those wishing to destroy Israel and the Jews.

Not recognizing these falsehoods only prolongs and increases the intensity of this volatile conflict. A conflict that almost daily sees rockets or violence.

The U.S. and Israel must make it clear. As long as the Palestinians support terrorism, no land swap or two-state solution is possible.

What do you think about this conflict? Email me at

Prayer Point: Pray that God brings restoration and reconciliation to the nations.

27 Comments on “Israel, Obama and the media: Falsehoods”

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