Your help still needed!

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Soon to be hanged–because she’s a Christian.

And America is not acting fast enough.

But you can help stop it by signing our petition before time runs out.

You may have heard about Meriam Ibrahim. She and her 19-month old child are in a nasty, horrible jail, where she is in shackles. And this month, Meriam gave birth while in jail to a new daughter.

Her Christian husband can’t get the kids–even after she is killed; the kids will go to a Muslim family.

Meriam is sentenced to 100 whiplashes before being hanged.

Our government leaders are either silent or slow moving, most media is ignoring it and most Christians are doing nothing.

That’s why we need your help.

Please, please sign this and pass this letter on to others.

I’ll make sure the politicians, state department, media and President Obama get the signatures and take action.

I expect at least one Congressman to bring them to the floor of the House and broadcast it to C-Span.

Please click here to sign the petition now.

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