Flying, Traveling and Living…Without My Mask: 5 Things I’ve Discovered in Free States vs. Socialist States in Wearing or Not Wearing a Mask.

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The biggest propaganda war by the government medical establishment, bureaucrats, and politicians today is to wear a mask.

Increasingly, you are becoming a political outcast and anti-social if you do not wear a mask.

Those who challenge this assumption find themselves banned by Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets.

Those who do not wear a mask find themselves increasingly shamed by the intimidation of others.

That is wrong.

It is just as wrong as those who do not want to wear a mask or believe in wearing a mask shaming those who do.

Intimidation of those wearing a mask is wrong.

The intensity of wearing a mask is so great I’d like to share with you 5 things I’ve discovered as I’ve traveled from free states to socialist states and have been in a variety of situations not wearing a mask.

  1. I discovered wearing a mask has major risks.

I believe there are health risks to wearing a mask…more so than not wearing it.  [Read my latest article on wearing a mask].

More and more doctors and scientists are confirming that wearing a mask has little impact on spreading or contracting Coronavirus. 

Yet, the calls are for wearing a mask, even though they contradict what was originally said by the CDC and the medical establishment: that the mask is ineffective and could have counter-productive implications.

Breathing in the carbon monoxide where you’re reducing oxygen with some masks, or recirculating germs and viruses, or increasing touching your face (the #1 thing not to do), or the fact that only the most specialized masks have any impact – these are a few of the counter-productive implications of wearing a mask and assuming it will protect you.

The Coronavirus spreads easily.  Those in the medical field literally put on a suit of armor to protect themselves.  A little mask will not do it.

  • I discovered we should have a choice of wearing a mask.  Choice is a characteristic of a free society, not coercion and force, and is always a better policy.

I personally object to the mask and refuse to wear it – unless forced to do so.

I believe you should be free to wear a mask if you want and I fully respect your choice. 

And you should fully respect my choice if I decide to not wear a mask.

When I visit a locked-down state, occasionally, I will have a store owner ask me to wear a mask.  If I refuse, and they send me away, so be it.

I recently went into a restaurant where the owner required a mask and I was not going to sit at a table wearing a mask, so we left.

On the other hand, I went into a barber shop where they asked me to wear a mask and I complied.  I would have rather had the haircut, than not. 

It was my choice and it was their choice. 

They will lose business next time because I will not go to a barber where we must wear a mask.

My wife and I just ate at a restaurant where the employees were not wearing a mask.  The restaurant was full.  No one cared.  About 5% of those coming in and out of the restaurant wore a mask.  They did not care if the cooks, busboys, or waiters wore a mask.

If they cared, they could always eat elsewhere.

I have been flying quite a bit during the pandemic. Most of the airlines require me to wear a mask going inside the plane and when I leave.

But when I’m on the plane, they haven’t been enforcing wearing a mask if I take it off – although some flight attendants have been complaining and applying pressure. Again, it’s creating conflict and problems. It should be a free choice.

  • I discovered masks are a means of control by politicians and bureaucrats and those who want to make a political statement.

The mask is becoming a political tool of control by those who wish to have bigger government, more control over the individual, and promote socialism.

You may want to wear a mask because of your age or health.  You may want to wear a mask because of concerns of getting the coronavirus or something else.

That has nothing to do with politics.

For the politicians, that is why we are seeing Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other pro-socialist politicians calling for a nationwide and mandatory wearing of masks.

  • In Free states most people do not wear a mask by choice.

In Socialist/Lockdown states, many, if not most, people will wear a mask outside and inside, but not all.

I have been to four free states where there is no lockdown and less than 5% of the people wear a mask.

But whether it is a free state or socialist state, many if not most people do not obey the rules and abide by the command to wear a mask.

In those states where the mask is still in place, the mask is divisive, unnecessary, and destructive.

Few people need it. Those who do should wear it.  Those who do not need it should not wear the mask.

In the unfree states, 60-70% are wearing masks because they are supposed to wear one and are being obedient.

In the free states, very few people wear masks.  Those who want to, can.  Those who do not want to, do not need to.

In the free states, it is usually a hand-full of stores that require masks – usually national chains and in places where people are told to wear the masks by their company or county official.

  •  Do not shame or condemn.

I hope you will respect those who wear masks. 

Just like I do.

I hope you will respect those who do not wear masks.

Just like I do.

The problem is, inherently, the mask has become divisive.  The mask has become a tool and a weapon to shame people.

The mask will become a political symbol (see my article).  What do you think?  Email me at

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  1. This is a huge problem in CA. I do not wear a mask unless I am absolutely forced to do so. There is SO many lies and misinformation about wearing masks and COVID19. Someone should file a lawsuit against the media that is the glue holding all of this programming, political control and outright anti-constitutional bashing together.

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