First Political Boot Camp: Success!–see video

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Learn how you can change lives and transform our political landscape

Training. Empowerment. Mobilization.

Trained by the Progressive Left, thousands of young people have been enlisted to hijack our culture. Their goals? Destroy individual liberty, freedom and economic progress.

They promote an ideology and a big government that stand against family values. They proudly claim to have “won” California and the U.S.

But with your help, we are changing that.

Our first Political Boot Camp for young adults was a huge success. Thanks to you. We trained young people how to take America back.

They learned the most modern marketing and technology, strategies and techniques. And they applied their learning to hypothetical campaigns.

They are energized, educated and empowered to be enlisted in critical campaigns. Local organizations, nonprofits, causes, churches and candidates will all be scrambling to grab these students. Because they are now our modern freedom fighters.

You’ve got to hear what they say–especially Raul and Matthew! Watch this short video. It’s 6 minutes long.

What they know now because of this Boot Camp will change America–even California–back to what it was.

And the Progressive Left will not know what hit them.

But one Boot Camp is not enough. It’s just the beginning. The graduates of the Boot Camp know this must continue and multiply. Statewide.

Boot Camp #2 is already on the horizon. But it can’t happen without you.

These students need sponsors. Sponsors like you.

You can be the fuel that fires the training of these students. Your investment will enact permanent change in the life of a young person.

Watch how it transformed the first group!

The payout will transcend your lifetime. And it will affect not just this generation, but the next as well.

You can support the next Boot Camp by donating now. Just $10 or more can help us change our culture and politics.

Simply click here to sponsor a student. Thank you.

If you have questions, please email me at

Prayer Point: Pray that God would lead His people to give generously to this cause, for the training to multiply, and for our nation to be turned around because of it.

26 Comments on “First Political Boot Camp: Success!–see video”

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