The end of Christian colleges in America

Craig HueyArticles, Reality Alert

   President Obama signed an executive order on federal discrimination against sexual orientation.

   So the New England Association of Schools and Colleges told Gordon College it must compromise its Biblical beliefs and accept “homosexual practice” (note: nothing to do with same sex attraction—it’s focusing on forcing acceptance of actions not orientation. It’s not sexual identity, but forced acceptance of behavior).

   Gordon College has been an evangelical college since 1884, and it’s been faithful in adhering to Biblical doctrine.

   Now its faced with being unaccredited because of its Christian stand. If the college change the standards for sexual behavior—which prohibit sexual relations outside of marriage and homosexual practice—they will lose their accreditation.

   You and every Christian should care.

   Why? Because every Christian college could vanish.

   If Biola, Wheaton and other Christian Colleges lose their accreditation, would parents send their kids to an unaccredited college?

   If Gordon gives into secular/cultural/political demands, will other Christian schools compromise?

   Will Christians compromise or stand firm on a biblical worldview?

   Will we capitulate to the culture or do what is right in the sight of God?

   When the culture changes or politicians force compromise, do we make a stand or give in?

   Brothers and sisters overseas are being persecuted and killed because they won’t compromise.

   Elections have consequences. Will Christians register and vote in 2014? We can change this if the church and pastors decide to.

   What should Gordon do?

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