Ebola, duplicity and… truth?

Craig HueyArticles, Reality Alert

   President Obama said the chances Ebola in the US were extremely low.

   Let’s see, shall we trust what he says?

  • “Al Qaeda has been decimated and is on the run” ??
  • “Islamic State: If a JV player puts on a Lakers uniform, that doesn’t make him Kobe Bryant” ??
  • “Benghazi: The video caused it” ??
  • “Our policies worked in Sudan and Yemen” ??
  • “People are better off economically today than when I took office” ??
  • “The threat of world war no longer exists” ??
  • “Islam is a religion of peace” ??
  • If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” ??

   And of course, the IRS, NSA and Veterans Department are all false statements.

   Now as, warned by private doctors, Ebola is here.

   And the CDC said, “Don’t worry. Whoops… we have the one victim under control… whoops…”

   The reality is, we don’t know how bad it will get. Regardless of what the officials say, it will be coming to America.

   The reality is, you can’t trust what the official spokespeople and politicians say. It’s all misinformation.

   Even with a political “Czar.”

   The reality is, our health care system is not prepared  and hospitals can be overwhelmed.

   The reality is, if Ebola hits Central America or Mexico, our borders will be overwhelmed.

   The reality is, our fragile economy is at risk.

   If we lived in a fully, government run health care system, we should all be worried.

   We should be highly concerned since the CDC is like all government agencies: they protect the president, protect themselves and protect government funding.

   Better to trust our private sector doctors… don’t trust the government or their spokespeople.