The biggest Middle East Problem: Israel???

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   The relationship between the U.S. and Israel is at a new low. The Obama Administration has been trying to use every means possible to have Netanyahu compromise the peace and security of Israel.

   Hear from Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel himself how he addresses the issue of compromise with Hammas and the PLO.

   “Ladies and gentlemen, peace is Israel’s highest aspiration.  I’m prepared to make a historic peace with our Palestinian neighbors – peace that would end a century of conflict and bloodshed. …Just as Israel is prepared to recognize a Palestinian state, the Palestinians must be prepared to recognize a Jewish state.

   “President Abbas, recognize the Jewish state, and in doing so, you would be telling your people, the Palestinians, that while we might have a territorial dispute, the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own is beyond dispute. …In recognizing the Jewish state, you would be finally making clear that you are truly prepared to end the conflict.  So recognize the Jewish state.  No excuses, no delays, its time.”

   Now a senior Obama administration official is attacking Netanyahu for not giving up more territory to the PLO and talking to President Abbas.

   Who is Abbas? Remember Abbas’ doctrinal from his university was denying the Holocaust. He says if the PLO gets more land, not one Jew will be allowed. Yet we give the PLO 1/2 billion dollars a year. 

   Here is what the U.S. has done against Israel recently:

  • Delayed shipment of critical weapons to Israel in the middle of Israel’s summer war with Hammas.
  • Denying Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon key meetings with Vice President and the Secretary of State during his recent visit.
  • Implying — as Secretary of State Kerry recently did — that Israel is in danger of becoming an apartheid state and that the failure to solve Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is somehow fueling the growth of ISIS.

   It is time to be very, very worried about our treatment towards Israel.

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