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Yes, that’s right: only two votes were needed to elect the next mayor of Torrance. Whose votes were those? Tom Brewer and Bill Sutherland’s. These two geniuses got together and decided to defeat the entire electorate by shooting each other and themselves. How? By splitting the conservative vote.

They were told by everyone including their mothers that if they ran against each other, Pat Furey would be the next Mayor of Torrance. Apparently that was exactly what they wanted because they proceeded precisely along the path to Mr. Furey’s election.

And now Pat Furey and his ‘progressives’ are laughing all the way to the Mayor’s Office.

Thanks a lot, geniuses. It can only be hoped that Torrance tax payers survive the public employee legislation that will ensue for at least the next four years.

The suggestion going forward is now obvious: conservatives MUST gather together to send the message to any candidate who will destroy the tax payers in the future: We will not support you!

Sabers at dawn; pistols at ten paces; high card wins; throw the dice; paper-scissors-rock; arm wrestling; tallest person gets it; SHORTEST gets it; oldest; funniest – we don’t care! This self-destruction of the residents must end!

No, Tom: you are NOT God; the people don’t support you THAT much no matter what you tell yourself. Bill, you were being selfish and you knew it. How much did they pay you to throw this election?

And yet a better question: Why do you two bozos hate Torrance so much?

We TOLD you what would happen! We screamed! We hollered! But you didn’t care. Furey was your man all along.

So you handed taxpayers three council members owned by public employees and two idiots who think they are smelling fertilizer when they stick their faces up their own behinds! Gee, thanks, fellas. Please don’t show your turncoat faces anywhere near those of us who worked and continue to work for the salvation of our community. We refuse to be responsible for what we do to you.

After all, you didn’t care what you did to us.