The #1 Reason Christians Supported Trump: A New Supreme Court

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The first Supreme Court judge appointed to the bench is Neil Gorsuch, a supporter of religious freedom and a strict Constitutionalist, not a judicial activist.

That’s the #1 reason so many evangelicals supported Trump which gave him the margin of victory to win. Trump kept his promise.

Now let’s watch for another empty seat. And pray for a similar result.

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5 Comments on “The #1 Reason Christians Supported Trump: A New Supreme Court”

  1. Many of us rejoiced on Monday when Neil Gorsuch became officially our next Supreme Court Justice. May his research and opinions be aligned with the Constitution. And yes, won’t be surprised if 1-2 more justice seats become vacant. Getting the next SCJ approved will be a nastier fight than getting Neil Gorsuch approved. Be strong and courageous brothers and sisters!

  2. I was so excited as many to see President Trump fullfill yet another promise. I have know doubt he will appoint more if given that opportunity to. We need him in office for 8 years to assure that the Supreme court does not go to activists. This should be on every christians prayer list.

  3. We must keep praying for the court, the president..etc. Debbie, you may be right, it could be a nastier fight the next time, but our God is fit for the battle. One speaker at church posed the question, how do you defend a lion? The answer, simply get out of the way. The lion of the tribe of Judah will prevail.

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