Advanced Marketing Boot Camp to Help You Transform Our Culture and Politics

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I’ll be giving a free advanced marketing boot camp to help train organizational leaders and pastors.

It will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 29 in my Torrance offices.

Seating is limited.

To reserve your place, call 310-212-5727 and ask for Nathan.

Here is the Transforming America Advanced Boot Camp Agenda:

  1. Why the Left Wins, and We Don’t

a.         Vision

b.         Messaging

c.         Strategy

d.         Tactic

e.          Persistence

f.           #1 Key to Success

2. How a Small Minority Wins Big       

a.           The Message

b.           Microtargeting

c.            Database

3. How Trump Won 

a.        Against all odds

b.       The Surprise

c.       Character vs. Issue

d.       Cash

4. Key: Branding & Positioning

a.        Trump

b.        The Left

5. Resist – How They Do it

a.       Wording

b.         Strategy & Tactics

c.         Indivisible

6. The Evangelical Miracle

a.      Mobilizing the Church

b.     Pastors

c.     Church Members

7. How the Left Wins Time after Time: Transforming the Culture

a.    What is the #1 blunder organizations make?

b.    What is scientific advertising?

8. Anti-Marketing Madness: Revised Website Strategy

9. Landing Page

10. Raising Donations

11. New Breakthroughs in Stopping Cart Abandonment

12. Remarketing/Retargeting

a.        Google

b.       Facebook

c.       What should we be doing?

13. Facebook Targeting

a.      Hillary vs. Trump

b.      What should we be doing?

14.  Banner Ads

a.        What should we be doing?

15.  Videolog: The Powerful Merging of Video and Direct Mail

a.         Pre-Roll

b.         What should we be doing?

16. The Digital Video Explosion

a.        Viral Driven

b.        Media Driven

c.         Hot/Unique/Powerful

d.        What should we be doing?

17. Death of Cable TV

a.        Hillary vs. Trump

b.       What should we be doing?

18.  Google TrueView & Pre-Rolls

a.       Cable

b.        What should we be doing?

19.  The Rules of Email are Changing

a.       Hillary vs. Trump

b.       The Left –examples

c.       What should we be doing?

20.  Profiling, Pursuit & Database building

a.       What should we be doing?

21.  Direct Mail Resurgence

a.       Newsalog

b.       Magalog

c.        Envelope

d.        Informed Delivery

e.        Direct Mail Remarketing

22.  Mobile Marketing

a.       Texting: Trump vs. Hillary

b.       What should we be doing?

23.  Native Advertising Boom

a.         What should we be doing?

24.  Radio Strategies

a.         Radio Programs

b.         What should we be doing?

25.  The New Integrated Marketing

a.         What should we be doing?

26.  Look-a-like Audiences

a.        Direct Mail

b.       Google

c.        Facebook

d.        Pre-Roll

e.        What should we be doing?

27.  Speeches / Churches / Interviews

a.         What should we be doing?

28.  Exhibit Marketing

a.        What should we be doing?

29.  Using Copy that Sells

a.       What should we be doing?

30.  Key to Success – the Offer

a.       What should we be doing?

31.  The New Credibility

a.       What should we be doing?

32.  New Digital Marketing Breakthroughs


Looking forward to hearing from you. Tell me what you think at

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