Box Office Shocker: Unplanned Triples Industry-Projected Revenue Despite Media Blackout and “R” Rating [Videos]

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It was unfairly given an “R” rating due to:

  • A bloody scene of an at-home abortion induced by oral medication handed out by a Planned Parenthood clinic.
  • An ultrasound video of a baby in the womb squirming away from an abortionist’s catheter during an abortion procedure.

It was subjected to a widespread paid advertising blackout on mainstream – and even some faith-based – media outlets.

Yet despite the negative publicity – and even a temporary Twitter ban – the true story Unplanned received a rare A+ CinemaScore for its opening weekend … and garnered 5th place in box-office revenue.

Industry projections were for $2 – $3 million. It brought in $6.1 million.

You must see this movie. It will open your eyes to what goes on behind the scenes at abortion clinics across America … and behind Planned Parenthood closed-door meetings…

Be sure to bring your tissues…

Listen to this incredible and powerful song and music video Matthew West prepared for the movie (3 ½ minutes). Listen as he sings,

“As long as my God holds the world in His hands,
I know that there’s no such thing as unplanned…” 

Watch the trailer for Unplanned here (2 ½ minutes).

Watch Tucker Carlson interviewing Abby Johnson, the former abortion clinic manager whose story is the subject of the movie (a little over 6 ½ minutes).

And watch this emotional interview with Ashley Bratcher, the actress who plays Abby Johnson in the movie. She reveals an incredible secret about herself she wasn’t even aware of when she agreed to do the film (5 minutes).

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3 Comments on “Box Office Shocker: Unplanned Triples Industry-Projected Revenue Despite Media Blackout and “R” Rating [Videos]”

  1. We have to end this terrible procedure called abortion if we want this fantastic country to be blessed by God.

  2. A ticket purchased for Unplanned is a vote for the defense of the unborn. Help keep Unplanned in the theaters for as long as posdible! Make abortion unthinkable!

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