SHOCKING: Christian Couple Denied Adoption Because of Their Christian Beliefs

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SHOCKING: Christian Couple Denied Adoption Because of Their Christian Beliefs

A Christian couple has raised two foster children as their own for the past year.

They were prepared to adopt these two kids, and have submitted requests a number of times to do so.

But when the social worker found out their views on family and marriage, they rejected the request outright.


The adoption agency believed that those views would be “detrimental to the long-term needs of the children.”

National Christian Adoption Fellowship

National Christian Adoption Fellowship

Actually, what is detrimental to these children is separating them from a loving man and woman who want to raise them as their adopted children.

County and government adoption services have become so corrupt, filled with bureaucrats interested in social engineering rather than promoting the best interests of their children.

This anti-Christian bigotry is putting children’s lives at risk, hurting parents, and stifling religious liberty!

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8 Comments on “SHOCKING: Christian Couple Denied Adoption Because of Their Christian Beliefs”

  1. It’s time to stop this kind of evil and have socialists removed from these positions and replaced with God fearing, God loving obedient Christians

    1. And the only way to do that is to Pray and Do the Word of God: James 1:22—-“But be Doers of the Word and not hearers only…” Faith without Works is Dead. Stand and Resist evil, always, always, always!!!

  2. Craig, Thank you. Love your sight, love your voting guides and Godly direction. Please, though, when you post something like this, provide the details, news posting information, etc. This helps us as we share these truths with others by providing the credibility we need. THANKS SO VERY MUCH.

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