Second Women’s March in Washington: For Life [Video]

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Second Women's March in Washington: For Life [Video]

The last 12 years have seen an expansion of pro-abortion policies.

But now, with the Trump Administration, there is renewed hope for the Pro-Life Movement.

On Friday, hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC for the 44th March for Life.

President Trump tweeted:

What’s more, this March for Life featured a Vice-President speaking at the event for the first time!

Check out Vice-President Mike Pence’s speech here:

Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) also attended, telling the crowds that her parents almost aborted her, but chose life.

The crowds this year rivaled the March for Life parade in 2016. AS terrible blizzard discouraged many from attending. In 2017 600,000 people attended.


Donald Trump also faulted the media for spending more time cover the Women’s Marches across the country, which promoted abortion, transgenderism, and vulgar phrases, but ignored the March for Life.

In fact, the Women’s Marches received 129 times more coverage than the pro-life demonstrations!

In my newsletter for Christians (Reality Alert), I listed the latest executive actions and legislative effort s to save the unborn and stop forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions that violate their conscience and religious beliefs. See article here.

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3 Comments on “Second Women’s March in Washington: For Life [Video]”

  1. God is glorified and His works were honored through these people marching for the lives of the unborn. And, we only saw only a few seconds of media reporting of the march for life on TV news except for the FOX channel which they covered very well. It irritates me the way the media covers comments that say “american women do not want abortion laws changed”. That is not true. They don’t speak for us hundreds of thousands of women who are prolife.
    My spouse and I support our local Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic which helps save lives of the unborn. My family has been greatly blessed through that ministry! I was greatly blessed by seeing these women march for prolife! Praise God!

  2. A wonderful message. I hope this prolife march saved many children today and all children in the future. Gods blesssings

  3. ‘The Culture of Death’ vs ‘The Culture of Life’

    Pope John Paul II used exactly right words to describe results of created influences by liberal leftists.
    They are dealing with death. Carefully look at them, they are dragging people to miserable evil.

    I am sure that ‘culture of death’ encompasses all results by liberal leftists because they’ve always created ‘Culture of Death’ for the purpose of their hidden evil agenda.

    God created life, but Satan was opposite.

    So Satan wants to destroy lives using evil temptation.

    He whispers,

    “If you are unhappy, it’s okay to get rid of the piece of crap. It’s not baby”

    Which one do women have to choose? Life or death? That’s the question.

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