Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion: 4 Critical Things Every Christian Should Know

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Who is pro-life? Who is pro-abortion? Here are 4 critical things every Christian should know:

#1. Most evangelical/born-again Christians are pro-life… the rest of the nation is not.

  • 64% if evangelicals/born again identify as pro-life
  • 41% of Mainline Protestants identify as pro-life, 31% are pro-abortion, and the 28% in the middle are unsure
  • “30% of “nones”, the “non-religious” identify as pro-life

#2. Church attendees are key pro-life indicators of pro-life vs. pro-choice.

  • Weekly church attendees, 53% pro-life
  • Those who attend church 2-4 times a month were mostly pro-choice
  • 36% said pro-choice, 28% pro-life
  • Those who attend church less frequently 46% identified as pro-choice, 30% as pro-life

#3. Perception of faith was an important indicator of why some believe or did not believe in protecting the unborn.

  • 58% labeled generally pro-life said their beliefs were shaped by their personal religious faith.
  • 9% of those “generally pro-abortion rights” said it was their faith.

#4. Evangelical/born-again Christians hold the key to creating a culture protecting the unborn.

The upcoming election is critical to promote pro-life policies in all 50 states.

The governors, senators, attorney generals, and state legislators are fundamental to saving lives of the unborn.

Christians need to vote for, not against, their values.

They need to work with and help pro-life candidates (see our voter guide HERE).

And we need to prepare for ultimately the upcoming Supreme Court decision and the potential lies and chaos that will follow.

But the foundation for changing our culture and politics to be pro-life is recognizing that the issue of life is a moral issue. It’s a Biblical issue (Psalm 139).

It’s spiritual transformation. a revival. Evangelism that is needed with Christians reaching out to the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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4 Comments on “Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion: 4 Critical Things Every Christian Should Know”

  1. My faith in God, and ultimate accountability to God make me Pro Life. God gave us science and reason. How can one claim to be pro science and yet not acknowledge that the gestating human being is not a person in its own right.

  2. as a Christian, I do not feel I should have to help pay for an abortion, with my tax dollars. Abortion is against my beliefs. I believe, somewhere in the Constitution, and other written documents, we have a guarantee of religious freedom!

  3. To an abortionist I would ask: Would YOU have wanted to have been aborted? If they say yes, then hand them a knife and say: Get on with it! That should end it, IF they have any moral values at all. But, so many of them are fanatics and closed-minded, and will talk OVER you and will not listen. Remember, you can’t debate with a closed mind. I’ve tried. They don’t have any logic, and are not taught to THINK through an issue.

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