Pro-Life Students: Harassed by Dean [video]

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Watch these pro-life homeschoolers under attack by hostile public school Dean. About 4 minutes long.

Incidentally, the Dean, Dr. Zach Ruff, on administrative leave pending a formal investigation by the school district. An online petition in support of Ruff has now garnered more than 41,000 signatures in favor of keeping Ruff on staff. Parents and community members also gathered Wednesday for a meeting with the schoolboard to discuss his fate. The majority of the people who attended showed their support.

“The way he acted was not appropriate for the audience,” Maisy Meyer, a student at the school, said. “But I believe that it was completely out of intention of protecting his students.”

Only three people during the meeting argued against Ruff, including Bob Byrne, a parent of a student at the school.

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7 Comments on “Pro-Life Students: Harassed by Dean [video]”

  1. Wow! That principle seemed threatened by anything the teenagers had to say, to the point of making a fool of himself by singing silly songs and making silly noises and gestures to drawn out what they were saying. His behavior was extremely immature.

  2. I am so proud of these young man and young lady. This Dean is not protecting his students. He does not allow students to have different opinions. He does not teach students to respect other people by blocking Christian’s freedom of speech on the public side walk. He only wants to teach student hatred towards others with single minded ideology of his own believes, but not Christianity point of view. I am glad I did not have him as my principal. He is a dictator kind of the principal with closed mind.

  3. Another high paid administrator doing nothing for his paycheck…. He’s got a future in show tunes though.

  4. Wow! What a hypocrite! He accuses these kids of yelling at people and harassing them when he is the one doing exactly that. If this is a school of science, as he says, then he would know it is not just cells the size of a dime. If I saw the dean of my kids’ school screaming at teenagers and singing “I love a parade” on a public sidewalk, I would not bring my kids back until he was removed from his position, because this man is obviously unstable.

  5. Wow, this guy shouldn’t even be near a school, let alone in charge of students. He obviously doesn’t give a fig for Freedom of Speech in the Bill of Rights. If I were his boss, I’d fire him outright. He could get a job in Nazi Germany, though. He would fit right in, with the Gestapo. P.S.: I am sooo glad for video cameras being everywhere these days, to catch jerks like this. Unfortunately, he probably will NOT be fired, because of all the rules keeping jerks like him in office. If I had been that man confronting him, I would have knocked that “official” on his a**, jail be danged! There has to be a little “pain” for consequences, in my not-so-humble opinion.

  6. If this doesn’t constitute grounds for his dismissal then what have we become in this world? How sad that in today’s society this type of inappropriate behavior would be applauded by some. The online petition shouldn’t have any bearing on his case. Of course his liberal friends who believe as he does, and who also have no principles are going to support him. This is meaningless. The school should have rules already established regarding acceptable conduct of teachers and administrators, and if this behavior contradicts their rules then he should be dismissed.

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