“I Would Have Been Killed” [Radio Interview on the Bill Martinez National Broadcast]

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I just got off the air… I admit, almost in tears.

Click HERE to listen.

I was doing an interview with national broadcast radio host Bill Martinez, who asked me about abortion, and I told him my story about being adopted… and how I wouldn’t even be born if Roe v. Wade was law when I was born.

During the interview, I called out pastors, ministers and churches who refused to mention the historic Supreme Court decision on the Sunday after the ruling.

We also discussed the pastors who did, and how the whole church rejoiced.

I also told the audience how to prepare for what is next.

I pointed out, during the second segment, that Joel Osteen (10 million Twitter followers), T.D. Jakes (6 million Twitter followers), and Joyce Meyer (6 million Twitter followers) — That’s 22 million followers — said nothing about the decision… Complete silence. These are the top 3 influencers on Twitter.

During the segment, I outlined what every person, ministry and church should do now.

The Interview is about 22 minutes long. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

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