Hillsong Pastor: Abortion Law “Evil, Shameful and Demonic”

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“Evil … Shameful … Demonic…”

That’s what Hillsong pastor Stephen Carl Lentz said about the new, radical New York abortion law. He stood strong in condemning the legalization of killing healthy babies up to the moment of birth.

Unlike other Christians, pastors and church leaders – who are turning their backs and being silent – Pastor Lentz spoke truth, even knowing he would be criticized.

I’ve been critical of Lentz in the past for running from standing firm on cultural issues during TV interviews.

But he stood strong this time.

He also called out Christians to do more than just be pro-life.

Question: what are you and your church doing in promoting adoption and in providing crisis pregnancy counseling?

Here is Pastor Lentz’s complete statement.

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Found this old photo recently, and I remember it taking me years to process that these LITTLE PEOPLE, had come into our world! A miracle, without a doubt. And I’m saddened and angry that we are now a state that has made it legal to have an abortion even into the last day of a pregnancy. I spent hours talking to lawyers and people who hold opposing views on this issue. Although it is layered and there is language in it that some are claiming will protect mothers in peril, the only way I can describe where we are and where this is all headed..is evil, shameful and demonic. I dont use those words lightly, but they are applicable here. Some have said this is strictly a “women’s rights issue.” i dont disagree. We simply believe that WOMEN IN THE WOMB deserve the right to life, deserve the right to breath. Laws like this say unless you have a voice, if somebody deems you “viable/non viable” you have no protection. Psalm 139, tells us otherwise. I have hope still, that God will help us raise our collective voices, to see this change. This cannot stand. …I know @hillsongnyc and many many other churches and organizations have been working hard for years to create options and help for those dealing with a pregnancy that is overwhelming for many reasons. And we will continue to do so. I’m also aware that often “pro-life politics”(while also supporting the death penalty, of course) have been quick to condemn abortion and the people that have them and then be invisible and hypocritical when it comes to helping women in need, in poverty, those who cannot gain access to proper medical care and creating policies that can help those that dont choose abortion. Those are facts. But this law, isn’t about politics. This is about generations of babies that have no defense. Despite this dark day, our future is STILL bright because we know where our help comes from. #occupyallstreets

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Also watch this futile attempt by Tucker Carlson to have an intelligent conversation with a pro-choice advocate about the Governor of Virginia announcing support for infanticide of healthy babies after birth (about 4 minutes).

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8 Comments on “Hillsong Pastor: Abortion Law “Evil, Shameful and Demonic””

  1. I happen to be a woman. As I watched this video, all I saw this poor woman do was give pre-programmed responses. Sad. She could not even think for herself. She was obviously brainwashed by all the garbage that had been shoveled down her throat and into her ears and mind over the years. Did no-one take the time to try to feed her some TRUTH along the way. She might not be so confused if they had.

  2. Pastor Jentezen Franklin and Free Chapel have stood publicly and boldly against this law. He is on the President’s Evangelical Board.

  3. Maybe the question to ask is if she’s ok with killing her baby after it is born alive? But I think she’ll still say the same rhetoric. And men should have a say because it is their child too.

  4. All I can think of in response to abortion is “Lack of respect and responsibility”. Lack of responsibility in having sex when you shouldn’t or when you don’t want a child. Lack of respect for life, lack of responsibility to do the right thing and give the baby for adoption even if it means a painful journey of pregnancy and childbirth.
    I believe lack of respect for God, life and others, lack of responsibility, and lack of respect for God in our culture today are at the core of this issue.

  5. IF it is acceptable to terminate a pregnancy AFTER full term – what is wrong with terminating that pregnancy up to and including the 18th birthday??? Seriously, do what you will — the CONSEQUENCES of your decisions will be dealt with later – “obedience is better than sacrifice” so find out what the Creator wants and submit or give your answer to Him at the Great White Throne Judgment.

  6. Where are all the other pastors? There should be 100,000 or more pastors flooding social media and the nightly news with outrage about this, and telling their congregations to hold these politicians accountable !!!!

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