Disturbing: Murder of Full-Term Unborn Children Legalized [Video]

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The move toward socialism is accelerating – including allowing partial birth abortion up to the moment of birth.


New York just passed the most radical abortion law in American history.


There are no restrictions on abortion up to the day of birth – if the mother claims that allowing her baby to be born alive would “threaten” her mental health.


Nurses – and even nurse practitioners – can legally perform the murder.


Watch this shocking video of the pros and cons of this new bill – soon to be duplicated in all states by the socialist Democrats.


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4 Comments on “Disturbing: Murder of Full-Term Unborn Children Legalized [Video]”

  1. I hate to say it but there is no way that these people who celebrate death can hope for any destiny except to burn. How can they be so hard hearted?

  2. It makes me want to cry. How this must break the Creator’s heart. At the same time, I can imagine the wrath He must feel; after all the blessings He has poured on this nation!

  3. YHWH help this nation
    And protect the righteous.

    Bind of the evil one oh Lord !
    Have your way here I pray.

    In YAHSHUAS mighty name

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