Discrimination: Crowdfunding Sites Shun Conservative Causes (and What We Can Do About it)

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Kickstarter, GoFundMe, YouCaring.

These are well-known and growing crowdfunding sites.

Want to raise money to make a movie?

To raise funds for a charity?

Or are you trying to get a gift for someone?

These crowd-funding forums allow you to do so.

But now they are discriminating against Christians and conservative causes.

Kickstarter rejected a crowd-funding movement for Phelim Mcaleer’s movie Gosnell, which documented the horrific murders of new-born babies in a downtown Philadelphia abortion clinic, and the media silence which refused to cover it.

Maybe it should called “No Fund Me”? (Credit: Go Fund Me)

GoFundMe also rejected the fundraising program for this movie.

Why? This and other online programs have enacted a policy to shut down fundraising if there are “claims of discriminatory acts.”

These websites have also denied fundraising for:

  1. Ellinor Grinmark, a Swedish nurse who was fired because she would not participate in abortion procedures.
  2. Crystal O’Connor, a pizzeria owner who faced harassment and a loss of business following her decision not to cater a homosexual wedding because it violated their Christian beliefs.
  3. Melissa Klein, a bakery owner who was forced to shut down her bakery following a fine from the Oregon Lands Commission … because she would not bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, which violated their conscience and their Christian beliefs.

But there is hope.

Arthur Goldberg of Jewish Institute for Global Awareness, has set up a new crowd-funding site called Funding Morality—www.fundingmorality.com—which will support fundraising efforts for all concerns, including pro-life and pro-family causes.

One particular case seeking resources concerns Stephanie Packer.

She’s a mother, 40 years old, with a long life ahead of her.

She suffers from a rare but debilitating auto-immune disease, scleroderma. Her internal organs are hardening! She can’t eat normally. Her body aches inside and outside.

At one point, her insurance company refused to pay for the long-term treatment, since Stephanie comes from California, and assisted suicide is now legal. But she is a devout Catholic, and she emphatically rejects suicide.

The insurance company later reversed its decision, but costs are piling up.

She needs all the respect we can offer.

If you want to donate to her campaign, click here.

Let me know what you think. Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

One Comment on “Discrimination: Crowdfunding Sites Shun Conservative Causes (and What We Can Do About it)”

  1. 3. It was actually BOLI (Bureau of labor & Industry i think it stands for). But before the fine was issued, they were bullied to the extend they had to shut their storefront & work out of their home & he had to get a job.

    After I think a FB post by 1 of the lesbians, the LGBT activists got to work & bullied those other wedding vendors they networked w into not referring anyone to the Kleins or they would also be boycotted.

    Since apparently much of their biz was from referrals they had to close their door, either late Summer or early Fall 2013. I think the BOLI complaint was filed in early 2014.

    They did actually raise a substantial amount–over $100k later to pay the $135k damages award. Actually I think it was more than that amount.

    So LGBT are falsely claiming that they were enriching themselves by that, ignoring that the LGBT bullies forced them to close their small family biz that had been their dream.

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